The first person infected with coronavirus in the Philippines recovered

The first case of the coronavirus in the Philippines – a Chinese woman who was with the man who died on February 1 – is currently negative for the virus.

According to the Guardian , the first case of the coronavirus infection in the Philippines – a Chinese tourist from Wuhan, who traveled with a man who died of the virus on February 1 – is no longer showing symptoms and may be discharged early.

The latest test on 06 Feb . A 38 year old woman showed negative results with the corona virus, according to Philippine health authorities. For a patient to be cured, she will need to have 2 consecutive tests to be negative.

People Philippines gather outside a pharmacy in Manila to buy medical masks.

“This suggests that the new strain of coronavirus is not capable of uniform death, and that recovery is more likely than death from disease,” said Dr. Edsel Salvana, Director of the University’s College of Molecular Biology. study the Philippines, said.

“Please don’t panic and don’t share fake news,” Mr. Salvana added.

Mr. Salvana is one of the most active scientists on social media to combat the spread of false information.

The Philippine government is also trying to reassure the public after returning 30 nationals from Hubei province. They were transported on a special flight, landing in Manila on February 9 and shortly after being taken to isolated facilities to begin a 14-day follow-up isolation period.

The 38-year-old woman is the girlfriend of a 44-year-old man who died on February 1 of the corona virus. This is the only death record to date taking place outside of mainland China and Hong Kong.

Since the outbreak, the Philippines has recorded only three cases of corona virus infection. The third person on the list is also a woman from Wuhan. Health authorities said the person seemed to have recovered before leaving the Philippines.

The most recent test result for this 60 year old woman, done in Australia , showed negative results. However, a sample previously tested in the Philippines showed positive results.

More than 200 people in the Philippines are currently in quarantine for surveillance because of exposure to infected cases.

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