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From school years, we are sure that Newton discovered the law of gravity because of an apple that fell on his head, Marilyn was a blonde, and Othello strangled Desdemona. But not all the facts that we consider to be well-known are true.

Happy Worthy Life selected 10 refutations of myths for you, in which you were 100% sure, but they turned out to be untrue.

10. Sherlock Holmes never said: “This is elementary, Watson!”

Although the story “The Hunchback” contains both the word “elementary” and the appeal to Watson, they are separated by a paragraph. No more similar phrases are found in Doyle’s works.

For the first time, the phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson” was spoken in the detective “Psmit journalist” by Pelam Woodhouse, after which it began to be actively used in theatrical productions and film adaptations of Doyle’s works.

9. Apple did not fall on Newton’s head

We can learn the story of the apple from the book of William Stackley, a friend of Newton, who described the case a little differently than we used to think. According to Stackley, Newton said that when he was sitting under a tree and an apple fell next to him, he wondered why the fruits always fall perpendicular to the ground. This was the impetus for the development and proof of the law of gravity.

7. Othello did not strangle Desdemona

Ask someone you know how Desdemona died in Shakespeare’s tragedy. Most of the answer to this question is that the jealous Moor strangled her. But actually it is not.

Othello began to choke the victim, but he heard footsteps. And to speed up the process, he stabbed Desdemona.


There is noise outside the door. Alive! Still alive? I am a fanatic, but still merciful. And I won’t let you suffer for a long time.

(Stabs her).

William Shakespeare

6. In ancient Greece did not consider that the Earth is flat

Many believe that people considered the Earth flat before the great geographical discoveries. But this is not so.

Already in the III century BC. The ancient Greek scientist Eratosthenes of Kirensky not only knew that the Earth was a sphere, but also managed to measure its radius, receiving a value of 6,311 km (and practically did not make a mistake). And 100 years before him, Aristotle (384–322 BC) brought 3 classic proofs of the sphericity of the Earth:

  1. During a lunar eclipse, the edge of the shadow that the Earth casts on the moon looks like an arc, and only a ball can cast such a shadow.
  2. Ships sailing into the sea for the observer are not gradually lost sight of how it should be on a flat surface of a huge area, but over time they “sink” sharply, disappearing beyond the horizon.
  3. Some stars are visible only from certain areas of the Earth.

5. Albert Einstein was not a loser

Above you can see the report card of the scientist in the cantonal school of Aarau with grades on a 6-point scale. Grades in the school years of the scientist were high. The only exception was French.

The story that Albert Einstein was almost a loser at school, but at the same time could become a genius, is actually a fiction. So there will be fewer arguments for the laps, who cite the justifications of successful people in their justification.

4. Marilyn Monroe was not blonde

From the birth of Marilyn is a brunette. She decided to repaint herself in a blonde, as it was believed that it was easier for fair-haired beauties to succeed in the modeling business.

3. The natives did not eat captain Cook

The Hawaiians killed Cook due to a skirmish on the shore. Relations with the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands at the Cook expedition escalated due to the fact that the natives constantly committed thefts. To return important parts of the ship, Cook tried to capture the king of the Hawaiian tribes. The skirmish started right on the beach. Cook was allegedly killed with a spear in the head.

The natives took the body, the rest of the crew returned from the battlefield to the ships. After a while, the Aborigines were asked to return Cook’s body, which they did. The remains of the mariner were buried at sea in 1779.

2. Fish do not have such a bad memory

The myth that the memory of the fish is very short – only 3-5 seconds, was denied by scientists from Israel . They included the same music when they fed the fish for a month. A long time after the experiment, they checked whether the fish remembered this music, and they sailed to the sound, because they were counting on food.

1. Marie Antoinette didn’t say “If they don’t have bread, let them eat cakes”

For the first time this phrase was used by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in “Confession” – he wrote about the princess who said it. And then, when Marie Antoinette was still a child and certainly could not talk about the menu for her subjects. They specifically tried to attribute the phrase to the queen, and besides, she was also specially distorted.

Initially, in the quotation of Rousseau it was not cakes that appeared, but brioches – rolls of butter bread. At that time, bakeries were ordered to sell “social bread” – it was the cheapest. When the “social goods” came to an end, brioches were sold, the difference in price between them and bread was insignificant.

Do you know other well-known facts that turned out to be fictitious?

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