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15 Habits That Help You Become Happier

Who among us does not want to enjoy life and feel happy? To do this, you need to acquire habits that will help you maintain inner peace, notice the good and confidently move forward, no matter what happens “overboard”.


American psychologist and philosopher William James once said: “Our life, although it has a definite form, still mainly consists of habits – practical, emotional, intellectual, systematically organized for our happiness or grief, habits that irresistibly lead us to our fate, whatever that fate may be. “

To “come” to the destiny you dream about, it is worth consistently improving what is happening in different areas of your life. The following habits will help in this, which should be introduced into your daily existence.

1. Do not bite off more than you can swallow.

 Setting ambitious but unrealistic goals for yourself will not get you far, but you risk burning out thoroughly. Tiny changes are the key to global transformations in life. It takes a couple of months to get used to doing something on the machine: promise yourself to hold out for such a short time and see what happens.

Finally say goodbye to the idea of ​​how everything should be

2. Stop guessing.

 What does the new year bring us? Will it only get worse? Thinking in this way frees your hands of anxiety. Instead, try to open up to new opportunities. Remain flexible and able to change your point of view, in our rapidly changing world this is an indispensable quality. And rigid thinking is a direct road to the “swamp”.


3. Take full responsibility for action and happiness.

 Life will immediately change for the better, as soon as you focus on what you are able to control. At the end of each week, take 5 minutes to be alone with yourself and understand what helps you and what makes you unhappy. Concentrate on the first and get rid of the second.

4. Think over a daily routine and follow it. 

Do not neglect routine, daily repetitive actions – this is the only way to do everything that you have planned. Prioritize things correctly, concentrate on what brings more results.

5. Don’t let expectations rule your life.

 Do not take responsibility for what you cannot influence – focus on behavior, actions, on how to attract into your life what brings you joy. Finally, say goodbye to the idea of ​​how everything “should be.”


6. Notice even the smallest victories.

 Success is a marathon, not a sprint. It can take a long time to get to where you ultimately want to be, so try to enjoy the journey itself. Don’t dwell on failure, but be sure to analyze what you do.

7. Learn to completely disconnect from work.

 Putting your phone down for at least an hour before going to bed, stop answering calls and check your mail – you won’t believe what miracles these simple actions can do to your brain. This is one of the best ways to take your mind off work and recharge before the next day.

8. Create an evening ritual that will help unload your head. 

Read good books, write in a diary, communicate with loved ones – whatever, as long as you really relax.

9. If you have trouble sleeping, take them seriously.

 If you fall asleep badly, cut back on caffeine, eat early, and turn down the brightness of your smartphone, laptop, or TV screen an hour or two before bed.


10. Schedule work breaks. 

Many feel literally attached to an office chair. Make it a rule to get up, for example, every 45 minutes and warm up, walk around the room, or drink water.Read books to help you start thinking in new ways

11. Make any changes one by one, step by step.

 Want to start writing? Don’t set yourself the task of giving out 1000 words a day, let it be 500 at first. Want to get into the habit of reading a lot? Start with two pages a day. Do you want to lose weight? Start eating on a smaller plate.

12. If you want to play sports, start small. 

The first intense 30-minute workout runs the risk of being the last. Start with a 5-minute stretch in the morning. With 15 squats, not 50. Climb the stairs whenever and wherever possible. Even the smallest step will bring you closer to your goal.


13. Be sure to take time to do something that is calming. 

Even if you seem to be busy and there are no empty lines in your diary, find an opportunity to include pauses in your daily routine when you can focus on what calms your active mind. It could be a 10 minute walk, a half hour nap, or reading.

14. Take time to read.

 It is one of the best gifts you can give your brain, and by stimulating it, you stimulate life. Read books to help you start thinking in new ways.

15. Learn new skills. 

Putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea. Learn, get new qualifications that will help you continue to be a sought-after specialist. Don’t rely on a single skill.

Yes, in most cases we cannot globally influence what is happening in the world, but our own satisfaction with life is often in our hands. So go ahead to new productive habits that will help you enjoy every day to the fullest!

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