20+ Perfect Shots Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Every snapshot in this article is a delight for the perfectionist’s eyes, regardless of whether this perfection is created by human hands or is a coincidence. See the play of colors on the façade of the Ranganatha Temple in Srirangam and admire the play of light in the stained glass door and shape of the smoothie.

We at Bright Side believe that there is no limit to perfection, but these photos are as close to it as possible. And at the end of the article you will find a bonus in the form of an exact match.

1. “The center of my block coincided with the core of the tree.”

2. One of my oil paintings, done with a single palette knife

3. Just look at the perfect gradient of this drink

4. Ranganatha Temple in Srirangam, India

5. Incredible aquarium cake

Accidentally squeezed out the most perfect swirl of paint the other day

7. “My smoothie after after being blended.”

8. Augmented reality

9. Looked out the window and saw this sign lining up with the path

10. “Found an absolutely round pebble”

Perfect horizon line

12. New park in Krasnodar

13. The peas are perfectly separated on either side of the pod

14. “Saw this faucet in the mall washroom.”

15. Pebble composition

16. Drawing in the sand

17. Quarantine inspired cube art made with everyday objects from around my house

20+ Perfect Shots Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

18. “I polished the knife so that it reflects a flower”

20+ Perfect Shots Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

19. It look like buttocks

20+ Perfect Shots Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

20. “This is how I spread the peppers in the shop window where I work.”

Bonus: “We rented a house. On the right is a shower curtain, on the left is a blanket that we brought from home. “

Do you notice beauty in everyday life?

What do you think?

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