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20+ Strange Pictures for Those Who Think That Nothing Else Will Surprise

Netizens are constantly posting photographs of things and phenomena that most people have never seen with their own eyes, and unlikely to see. And it is thanks to such pictures that we can all find out how a toe looks on a thermal camera, how a narrowest streets in the world really is, and what an anchor graveyard is.

We will definitely never stop admire the world around us, which can be so fun and strange. Here’s 20+ strange pictures that will broad your horizons.

Crocodile in its natural state underwater

And crocodiles sometimes swim like this.


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♬ Crystal Dolphin – Engelwood

This is what the eye looks like after cornea transplant

One of the narrowest streets in the world is Klancic Street in the village of Vrbnik, Croatia (43 cm at its narrowest point)

Squirrels store acorns in holes made by Woodpeckers.

There is an ancient Roman well inside an underground car park in Cologne, Germany

Temperature of burned and unburned skin

“I hit my toe hard. This is what it looks like on a thermal camera. “

Corn ice cream sold in Malaysia

X-rays of my spinal fusion surgery before and after

This variety of edible seaweed looks like a bunch of grapes

What does an IKEA desk top look like inside

What happens when it’s just above freezing in the house and you take a hot shower: your bathroom turns into a cloud.

This is the spider’s shadow bottom in my pool.

Portugal has a beautiful anchor graveyard

Old tiny dictionary

Ice on the surface of Lake Ontario has perfect right angles

Cross section of some severe termite damage

And this is a book eaten by termites

The most real cast-iron stove, only tiny

Both mugs were bought on the same day 3 years ago and were initially the same design.

20+ Strange Pictures for Those Who Think That Nothing Else Will Surprise
Garenmain180k / reddit

“On the left is a mug on my desk. On the right is a mug in my closet. “

How do you like these cute caterpillar legs?

Do you have such strange pictures of rare things or phenomena in your photo archives that you would like to show?

What do you think?




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