22 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sometimes it seems that there is nothing to surprise us. And then you hear it : hippos have pink milk . And you think: no, really, or what? Just like a milkshake with strawberries?

We collected some interesting facts that are worth checking out.

  1. Honey never spoils . That is, not just after a year or two, but never at all.
  2. Jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula is the only now-known  immortal creature on earth. Oh guru, teach me how to live.
  3. The heart of a blue whale is so huge that a person can easily swim through the arteries. 

  1. But his throat is no bigger than a saucer.
  2. There are about 1.6 million ants per person. The total mass of all these ants is approximately the same as the mass of all people on earth.
  3. The octopus has three hearts .
  4. Initially, Feng Shui is the art of choosing a place for a grave . Still, Asians have always been famous for a specific sense of humor.
  5. On Saturn and Jupiter, it rains from diamonds .
  6. And this is how Jupiter would look from the Earth if it were at the same distance from us as the Moon.

  1. Our body has 10 times more bacteria than cells.
  2. The likelihood that a glass of water that you drink contains a molecule of water that has been in the body of a dinosaur is almost 100% .
  3. Frankenstein – the name is not a monster, but the scientist who created it.
  4. The stingray has 27,000 taste buds . This is 4 times more than in humans.
  5. It looks like sand under a microscope:

  1. A beautiful round aquarium is the worst house for a goldfish.
  2. Reading in low light or from a monitor screen does not affect visual impairment.
  3. Oxford University is more than the Aztec Empire.
  4. In Cyprus, Santa Claus is called Vasily . That’s something you hear in the word “Cyprus.”
  5. No one has been able to tame the African elephant. Only the Indian elephant can be trained.
  6. On the left – a candle burns on the Earth, and on the right – in zero gravity , at the Mir station.

  1. The lack of sleep made people see enemies around .
  1. The indentation between the nose and upper lip is called the “lip groove”. It is a small reminder of the time spent in the womb. It is in this place that parts of a person’s face are connected during the development of his embryo in the second or third month of pregnancy.

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