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25 Photos That Clearly Show How Ordinary Things Have Changed

If you are constantly next to a person, it is difficult to suddenly notice how much he has changed. But if you come to a meeting of classmates 10 years after graduation, then the difference can be very impressive. This rule works with everything else: buildings, plants, objects – everything is subject to the influence of time.

We looked at the photos of web users and was impressed with how things can change over time.

“Dad has been working in his clinic for over 15 years. And this is his adored chair “

“Globe at the New York Public Library”

“I was madly in love with my toy, it has been with me for the last 27 years. It’s time to buy a new one “

“This is a Marius pencil (4B), and today is his last working day in his life, after which he goes on a long-term vacation.”

“Replaced the brush I used at work every day for 3 years.”

“I’ve been a reliable assistant for over 20 years. Repaired it quite a bit, it works like new “

“I’ve been carrying this keychain for 11 years already.”

“I just wish I had the gains to match the wear of my access card.”

“They sent the old doormat to retirement”

“My favorite soft toy, and next to it is a new one, already for my child”

“This wallet has served me for 18 years. Yesterday I finally bought a new one “

“This chain really is on it’s last legs”

“My cat’s favorite toy. She played with one for 2.5 months, and the other – new “

“I bought these shoes again. 15 years have passed, and they still don’t offer women’s sizing. Still great boots though. By the way, the laces are original “

“15 years, 3 owners, countless trips. And as a bonus, my gym pass, which was once black. “

“I’ve been wearing this jacket for the last 20 years.”

“This is the same doll, one after 32 years of love, the other still pristine.”

“The plate is 20 years old, and below it is new.”

“After almost 10 years and multiple pieces swallowed in my sleep, my insurance company finally agreed to cover a new bite splint.”

“The steering wheel in my dad’s car after 19 years of driving”

“Shout out to Lodge for replacing my 14 year old Dutch oven because the enamel chipped. No hassles, just a free replacement in the mail one week after contacting them!”

“This hammer has lived a difficult life.”

“Chain + water makes for a great pattern in stone”

“My 20+ year old copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – kindly signed by JK Rowling at the Edinburgh book festival in 2000.”

“On the left is the hoe that my dad has been using for 30 years.”

Do you have examples of ordinary things have changed by time?

What do you think?

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