16 Evidence That Family Life is a Series of Surprises

Family life is sometimes full of surprises – like salmon on top of a cactus. It would seem that you live together for a long time, it seems that you know everything about each other – and here bam. Some of the relatives will give out something like this: either the wife will scare the hell out of it, then the mother will braid the pigtails to the dog in the hope of the long-awaited grandchildren, or the children will “please” the new prank.


At Happy Worthy Life, we believe that healthy humor and banter help keep family members in good shape, strengthens relationships and nullifies any contention. The heroes of our collection were also convinced of this.

When grandchildren really want

Beloved husband is always ready to give good advice.

16 Evidence That Family Life is a Series of Surprises
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“I like to scare my boyfriend sometimes. He always has such a sincere fright on his face. ”

“My husband had a bad day at work, so I hid more than 30 pairs of google-eyes all over the apartment. He will not find some of them for several months. ”

“Left them alone for only 5 minutes”

“My father and I found an invisible bench!”

“I came home from work, but here it is”

“My child painted my portrait more than 10 years ago. I think I still look the same. ”

Mom photographed the reaction of her 14-year-old son to Jay Law in the Super Bowl

Look at her outfit here .

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