16 Photos Show That Only True Love Can Bring Happiness

Looking at grandparents who are still happy together, we think about true love that changed their lives for better. And taking a pet, after a month we notice how joyful and open. At such moments, people believes that pure and bright love really exists.

Today we collected all the magic of love, and now is in a hurry to share them with you.

What a Difference One Day Can Make!

My grandparents. Bottom photo: their wedding night, December 1945. Top photo: their 69th wedding anniversary. They’re the epitome of soulmates.

“My 9 year old rabbit and 9 week old puppy greet each other with their noses”

My Great Grandparents (Now Deceased) in New years 1992″

Life will never be the same

For my wife. We finally got serious on losing weight.

“Yesterday I made an offer to my girlfriend on a roller coaster. She said yes! ”

“Different views of the same mountains: my wife and I began to lead a healthy lifestyle”

At the shelter and 5 months later

“This is what true love looks like: my mother takes off her father as if he was stuck in a dryer”

“2 years ago my father took the cat home. But today they hugged for the first time. “

“We got married on the same beach where we met 7 years ago”

“My dear girl Polly. This photo was taken on the same day when they took her from the shelter. So happy that she is mine now! ”

My wife is three weeks away from her due date and our cats love snuggling her belly.

The day I found him scared and alone taking shelter under my car vs today.

Is there real love in your life? How has this changed your life?

Photo by u/NiCallahan / Reddit

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