17 Evidence That You Can Return to the Past by Clicking the Camera

Old photographs have a special magic: they immerse us in the past, help us remember those moments that respond with warmth in our hearts. And how you want sometimes to truly return that very day and moment to feel the same emotions, hug the same people that were with us then, fool around and feel carefree again.


In this selection of Happy Worthy Life, there are people who found a way that is accessible to all of us to open a temporary portal, just by recreating their photos.

“I recreated my mother’s favorite photo on Mother’s Day, where we are together”

All the same gift, all the same joy

40 years later

“Mom kept this dress for 40 years, waiting for her granddaughter”


“1996 and 2018”

“On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of our mother, my brothers and cousin and I recreated a photo of the first day when I went to kindergarten”

1991 and 2019


Almost unchanged, only the sink became too small

“In the photo on the left I’m 2 years old, my grandmother and I are baking gingerbread cookies. On the right is a photo taken after 15 years. ”

3 sisters after 37 years

“The hardest thing was to find at least some red pants”


“The only thing that has changed is the length of my sister”

30 years flew by


Brothers and hugs after 25 years

How can you look even better in the same dress after so many years?

“Left – I keep my girl at my graduation in 2002. Right – I hold her even tighter already at her graduation in 2020 “

Returning home from service in 1959 and 60 years later – from the chemotherapy department in 2019

What moment or moments would you like to repeat and capture again in the photo? Who would be in such a picture with you?

Preview photo madbear / Reddit

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