20 People Who Put Their Whole Soul Into Their Favorite Business

How successful a person is is measured not by the bank account, but by the number of smiles given to other people. At least by this principle the heroes of our collection live. The upcoming birth, fatigue after the operation, and even a serious illness are not a reason for them to give up, because there are so many opportunities to work small miracles and make this world a better place.

Happy Worthy Life decided to show people who put a piece of soul into every business. And their example can spark a spark even in the heart of a burnt cynic.

1. The pediatric surgeon does not want the scar from the operation to upset his small patients. Therefore, he draws characters that they like and surprise them with a picture

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2. “To show children and young people born in poverty that they too can succeed, the ballerina took to the streets of our small town”

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3. “On a walk along the beach, I took this photo of my daughter. And it makes me smile every time I look at her. ”

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3. “What do I like most in my work? When puppies are born “

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5. “A friend printed this lamp for me on a 3D printer. When turned on, it creates such a pattern on the ceiling. ”

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6. The guy has cerebral palsy. But he loves to draw. And the smile with which he does this is inimitable

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7. “Was at the Trader Joe store. The cashier punched my data, saw that it was my birthday tomorrow, left, and then returned with it. This is probably the most unexpected and sweetest thing that they did for me. ”

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8. “Our homeowners leave food packages for those who might run out of money during the holidays. Today we will have a nice hot dinner. ”

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9. “By the New Year, my friend made a whole table of snacks”

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10. “I work for a Japanese company. At Christmas, I invited several engineers to celebrate the holiday with our family. It was a great party! ”

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11. “30 days ago I decided to drink alcohol, but I still meet friends in the bar where I drink hot chocolate. The bartender decided to support me and gave me a whole jug of this drink. ”

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12. “The teacher forbade me to paint bananas for my son because they caused too much confusion in the classroom. And the fact that my art caused such a boom among 6-year-olds is the best compliment I received. ”

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13. “My father makes these unrealistically cool tables for his ice cream parlor.”

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14. In the grocery store put a small dog box so that the pet is warm and comfortable while the owner makes purchases

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“Hello, doggie. Make yourself at home!”

15. “Mom made a house for my guinea pigs with sofas, paintings and tiny photos of their children”

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16. Obstetrician Amanda Hess was in the hospital and preparing for her birth. But having learned that one of the women had complications, and there was no doctor yet, Amanda threw on a bathrobe and took delivery. And after 12 hours she herself became the mother of a wonderful baby

Have you met people who lived in their favorite business? What do you think supported this zeal in them?

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