5 Main Problems of Newlyweds and How to Solve Them

5 Main Problems of Newlyweds and How to Solve Them . After the wedding, the newly-married couple face many problems. Protect yourself by learning what unpleasant surprises you can expect and how to deal with them.

1. Post-wedding depression

In the first weeks after the wedding, some newlyweds begin to experience not joy, but bored or even sadness. The fact is that couples spend months, if not years, planning a wedding. When the holiday and honeymoon are behind, they are forced to return to the daily routine. And it is not very inspiring.


Share news and small victories with each other – it is from these small events that the lion’s share of your life together will consist. Learn to value them, and you can build a strong marriage.

2. Lack of personal time and space

“My spouse is my best friend.” In this regard, there is nothing wrong, unless you turn into Siamese twins and isolate yourself from your former surroundings.


Despite the fact that an amazing period has begun in your life and you want to share this time only with your husband or wife, remember: you are still a separate person. Do not forget about your friends and hobbies that brought you joy before the wedding.

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3. Angry Parents

A new family is also a new relationship with other families, parents. And at first, these relationships can be tense: parents will be offended that you devote little time to them, or be jealous that you meet with another pair of parents more often.


Make all decisions, including where and with whom to spend holidays and weekends, together with your spouse. In the early stages it is very important to support each other and strengthen your new family. Relatives may be temporarily disappointed in your choice. But in the end, they will be impressed by how you fulfill the obligations given to each other.

4. Fresh sex

Sex after marriage exists, but may not bring as much joy as before. Probably because before marriage, his goal is to strengthen the relationship between partners, and after, as a rule, to create a child. In this case, sex becomes like work and does not cause the previous storm of feelings.


Remember that sex, whatever purpose he pursues, is associated with pleasure, yours and your partner. Also remember that pleasure may be a separate goal of your intimate life.

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5. Endless criticism

Living together in a new status is a test for couple. You will rub in, you will probably encounter misunderstanding. This is normal – the main thing is that relations do not turn into an exchange of reproaches.


In the first year, you set the tone for your marriage. Therefore, in spite of all the disagreements, try to be more empathetic in relation to each other. Then in the future you will be able to cope with criticism and other difficulties.

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