6 Steps to Have a Happy Relationship

You need to work on relationships, but you also want to enjoy them! How to create a union in which there will be not only work, but also pleasure?


The fact is that in any relationship, sooner or later, patterns of behavior are established. We react in the same way to the words of our partner, present the same, in fact, claims to him. These habits greatly affect our communication with our loved one. In some cases, they even become the foundation of the relationship, but if you want variety, freshness of feelings, you should definitely get rid of these templates.


1. Learn empathy

The ability to empathize with your partner can help offset the harmful effects of stress. Every day we face problems at work, with children, with parents, with friends – with other external factors that also affect relationships.

But when we support each other, sincerely sympathize, care, listen and hear, we save each other from difficult emotions, even in a difficult pandemic situation, says psychotherapist Ronda Balzarini.

2. Use your phone for good 

Agree that the habit of constantly holding a smartphone in your hands can be a big problem for a relationship. They send you messages, write on social networks, you consider advertising for goods and videos on Youtube.

But when people are constantly on the phone, they deprive their partner of attention. And that can be a big problem. Did you know that the phone can work for relationships, not just against them? Write each other declarations of love, send compliments, share funny photos and stories. Your partner will definitely love it.


3. Build mental flexibility

Making claims, demanding, but doing nothing is easy. It is much more difficult, but it is much more useful to treat your partner loyally and gently. Become psychologically more flexible, open, understanding. To delve into the circumstances, to consider the situation in context, in a word – to try to look at everything from a positive side. Fortunately, psychological flexibility can be developed.


4. Look at each other in a new way

 When was the last time you had a one-on-one conversation with your partner? Discussing your fears, hopes, remembering the past? If you are tired of having the same boring conversations about food, salary, repairs every day, try to set aside time for a heart-to-heart conversation.

Psychologist Arthur Aron argues that couples who have intimate conversations more often than others retain a sense of intimacy longer and find a better compromise in everyday matters. Fall in love with each other again and again, asking personal questions, asking for advice, sharing your innermost.

5. Remember

Everyone has a tough time. Sometimes we live day after day, drowning in routine affairs and problems. But even if it’s hard now, you can remember funny moments from a shared past. After all, those couples who are able to laugh together are more satisfied with relationships and more easily solve complex problems.

So there is a great reason to delve into memories, and when you need to refresh your feelings or make your partner laugh, recall a funny incident from the past.


6. Thank each other

 In a relationship, every little thing matters. Therefore, thank each other for everything: for support, for signs of attention, for love, for care. Did your partner make you coffee in the morning, let you sleep longer, compliment you, give you flowers just like that? Say thank you, show how much it means to you. Believe me, this will only make your love stronger.

Relationships are not a monolith. They are constantly changing, as we ourselves are changing. Therefore, give up what no longer works, create new habits and traditions, enjoy each other, and not just pull the strap together.

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