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10 Common Habits That Take Style From Your Image

The amount of looks that designers and stylists create and recommend to everyone grows more and more. You would no longer surprise anyone with the combination of the incombinable and the mix of different styles, but there are still certain “security” rules that you should not ignore, even when it comes to your basic wardrobe.

We prepared a list of customs that can sometimes betray you.

10. Ballerinas with an official costume

The dancers make your ankles look wider and, in most cases, the legs start to look like a pair of poles. It is not something that combines well with an official style, which should be elegant. Here it is better to opt for some heel: either needle or smaller.

9. Long top over denim pants

The long, fitted tops above the denim pants make the silhouette too long. In combination with shorts, the look is even more strange. That’s why it is better to put this type of tops in denim pants. If it is not your thing, opt for free cut models.

8. Bulky bag for special occasions

Large bags are universal: you can combine them not only with casual style, but also with business. However, if you plan to go to a club or restaurant, give preference to more compact models. In these cases the bulky bags are totally inappropriate.

7. Buttons with a short skirt

Buttons rarely combine well with skirts. Visually, this type of footwear that sometimes reaches the ankles shortens the legs. This effect is intensified with miniskirts. If you want to wear this skirt, wear classic stiletto shoes and in the coolest season, long boots.

6. Several baggy clothes at once

A pair of baggy clothes in the same look completely hide the shapes we need to highlight (waist, hip, bust). Therefore, if you want to wear something loose, it is better to balance the other part of your image with a fitted garment.

5. Stockings combined with shorts

The shorts are a garment for hot days, so it is not good to complement them with socks or leggings. It is better to save them for the next season instead of creating strange looks with bright colored tights.

4. Tulip Skirt

This type of skirt is “safe” for the figure if it is low waist. A “tulip” with the high cut only looks good if you stand still without moving all the time. When you move, the illusion of a prominent abdomen is created, even in thin girls. If you doubt when choosing a model , opt for something classic without forgetting your type of figure.

3. Shoes that fit you big

Shoes of a larger number look in bad taste. It is better to buy the shoes in the morning, because at the end of the day the feet get tired and sometimes swell, so you would end up buying a wrong number.

2. Turtle neck sweater

Be careful with this type of garments: the neck may appear shorter and this takes elegance away from your figure. Do not ignore the garments with necklines: if necessary, complement them with scarves or scarves.

1. Denim pants that don’t fit you

Denim usually stretches. Therefore, if at the time of trying on a pair of pants, you get baggy, you risk buying a thing that will not only stop highlighting your figure over time, but will also add a messy touch. When you buy a pair of pants that are a little narrow (a little, not a smaller size), you give them an opportunity to keep their appearance for longer.

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