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12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman

Did you know that batteries can be easily cleaned with cutlery, and that only sunflower oil is needed for a pleasant smell in the kitchen? Or that nail polish can be your toilet’s best friend? Believe me, this seems crazy only at first glance.


We have studied articles by experts on cleaning and stories of ordinary people who have shared strange but working cleaning hacks. And in the bonus, you will even learn how to accustom children to order, who have long been sucked in by the bog of the Internet.

1. Clean the drain without getting your hands dirty

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman

There are almost always food particles and water in the siphon under the sink. But when we are not at home for a long time and no one is using the sink, the water in the siphon evaporates, the remains of food begin to decompose, and a characteristic smell appears in the kitchen. We found a cool life hack from the plumber to help avoid this.

  • Before leaving, pour a glass of sunflower oil into the drain. This is necessary so that moisture remains in the siphon. The oil itself will not dry out, and the water will not evaporate, so everything will be as usual in the pipe under the sink. After returning home, you will only have to pour a couple of liters of hot water into the drain.

2. Clean batteries from dust and debris

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman

People spend hours brushing them with toothbrushes, trying to stick a vacuum cleaner nozzle or their own hand with a rag inside. But why complicate things?

  • Wrap the butter knife with a rag and run it between the ribs of the battery. The same tool can be used to quickly clean the ventilation grilles and blinds. Just do not use a sharp knife to avoid scratching the surfaces.

And if you wrap the knife with a damp cloth, then the collected debris will not fly in all directions.

3. Wash pans and pots from carbon deposits

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman


Pour a glass of hot water into the pans, add some dish soap and a tumble dryer fabric. Rinse after an hour. The pan will be clean, and you don’t have to torture your hands with a metal sponge. Leftover food can be removed with the same napkin: it will not damage the non-stick coating.

4. Remove stickers from furniture

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman
  • If you’ve already tried removing the sticker and there are white sticky marks on the furniture, wipe it off with vinegar. It will dissolve the remaining glue.
  • If the picture is still intact, stick tape over it. Press down and firmly flatten the tape with your hands so that the surfaces adhere well. Then, in one sharp motion, tear off the tape along with the sticker. The scotch tape will also remove fragments of old stickers .

5. Tidy up the bathroom

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman


In the struggle for clean plumbing, baby products are unexpected allies.

  • To prevent the soap from sticking to the soap dish,  you need to grease it with baby oil. The same product can be used to quickly polish taps and other metal surfaces.
  • Rub waxed paper on the faucets. It prevents water spots. SuzQP / Reddit

6. Solve problems with toilet

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman

Not always advertised products help to achieve perfect cleanliness. But folk methods work effective.

  • To prevent condensation from collecting on the drain tank, you need to put an air bubble film inside. It will create additional insulation and prevent the surface from misting up. Just do not forget to turn off the water supply before this and drain all the liquid from the tank.
  • To protect the seat bolts from rusting, coat them with clear nail polish. If you are tired of constantly adjusting the seat that has moved out, this life hack will also help.

7. Remove carbon deposits from the iron

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman


This weird iron cleaning life hack blew up the internet. Preheat the iron well and go over all the dirt with a paracetamol tablet. To avoid scalding, hold it with tweezers or pliers. Due to the high temperature, the medicine will begin to melt and “draw out” all the carbon deposits. Twitter users confirm .

  • If you are not ready for such experiments, add some salt and “iron” it with an iron at medium temperature. The carbon will fall off by itself.

8. Fill the bucket with wate

12+ Cleaning Tips That Only a Madman Could Think of. Genius Madman

If the bucket does not fit in the sink, take a plastic bottle, punch a hole in the side, and point a tap into it. Support the bottle with something if the neck is below the level of the sink. This is the modification you see in the photo above.


9. Remove stain from clothing

Powders don’t always deal with stains. But Internet users know exactly what to do.

10. Remove tea and coffee residues from the strainer

Washing the strainer by hand is long and dreary, and it is not always possible to clean out all the tea leaves and leftover coffee grounds. Some genius has finally found a solution .

  • Place a strainer over a switched on burner and all the rubbish will simply burn out. Just keep in mind that you cannot clean plastic products in this way. And if the strainer is very dirty, be sure to open the window: the smell will not be pleasant.

11. Refresh the clothes in the closet

One woman came up with an unexpected way to use panty liners. She applies a couple drops of essential oil to them and leaves pads in inconspicuous places throughout the house.

It sounds crazy, but judge for yourself: such “fragrances” are easy to stick and just as easily removed from surfaces. They are much safer than aroma lamps and cheaper than aroma diffusers.

Bonus: how to motivate kids to clean up

It is not easy to get modern children to clean the room. They watch YouTube videos all day. My friend came up with the following: he removes a room on a video with comments that, they say, my children, Masha and Tanya, they do not want to put things in order in their room – look what a mess. Then he uploads the video to YouTube, but only opens access to himself. Shows the children that they are already on the Internet and says that he will now send the link to their classmates. The whole school will find out about them, there will be a bunch of dislikes and all that. The kids immediately jump up and start to clean up, begging not to send anyone a link to the video.

Do you know any other secrets that simplify life?

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