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14 Household Tricks That are Very Useful if You Too Lazy to Clean

According to scientists, cleaning is almost a meditative process. For example, a study in which 51 students took part showed that washing dishes by hand can be seen as a practice of mindfulness that promotes inspiration and reduces nervousness. True, housewives engaged in such “meditation” several times a day are unlikely to agree with this conclusion.

We do not like cleaning up too much, even despite the opinion of scientists. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new life hacks that can help simplify and speed up this process. And we are in a hurry to share the 14 most unexpected finds with you.

To remove dirt in hard to reach places, cut the kitchen sponge

This life hack very useful, for example, when washing windows, when you need to remove dirt from narrow slots, into which the rag simply does not.

Dust can be collected from narrow slots using a vacuum cleaner and toilet paper sleeve

If the pipe of the vacuum cleaner does not fit into the gap from which you want to remove dust, make an improvised nozzle for it from the toilet paper sleeve. Bend the cardboard to give the “nozzle” the desired thickness: this will help clean out even the most inaccessible places.

Pour the fabric softener into the toilet bowl so that the toilet smells good

Professionals from the cleaning company came up with another way to maintain freshness in the toilet. If you don’t have a special hygiene unit on hand that is suspended in the toilet bowl, you can pour fabric softener into the tank. The product will sink to the bottom of the tank and will gradually pour out with each wash, spreading a pleasant aroma throughout the room. One pour is enough for several flushes, while the tool will not damage the toilet.

To check if the toilet bowl is leaking, add food coloring to the water

If water from the tank leaks into the bowl, the monthly water bill will unnecessarily increase. To check for leaks, take a bag of food coloring. Pour the powder into the tank and wait half an hour without flushing the water. ⁣⁣ If the color has leaked into the toilet, then it’s time to call the plumber.

Net bags useful for washing dishes

From a nylon net in which oranges and potatoes are sold, you can make a sponge for washing dishes. According to user reviews, it perfectly removes burnt fat from pans. You can simply roll several nets into a lump, wrap one more and secure with an elastic band.

If you run out of antibacterial wipes, soak the toilet paper in vinegar

White vinegar has a pronounced antibacterial effect. Therefore, toilet paper soaked in it is perfect for processing countertops, door handles and any other items that need to be sanitized. By the way, our grandmothers also actively resorted to this life hack, and only they can be trusted.

The brush for cleaning the blinds can be made from any tongs

A device for cleaning hated strips of blinds. You can do it yourself. Wrap 2 rags on the tongs and secure them with an elastic band. After cleaning, simply remove the rags, wash the tongs, and you can use them again for their intended purpose.

Throw toys in the dishwasher

Contrary to the name, in the dishwasher you can wash not only dishes, but also, for example, numerous children’s toys and other small plastic or rubber items. “Toys can be loaded into the dishwasher if they are completely made of plastic (without fabric, batteries or buttons through which water can enter). Put them in the appliance holder so that they don’t fall off the jets of water, use the mildest cycle and let them dry in the air, ” explains cleaning guru Jamie Nowak.

Do not forget to clean the dishwasher filter of food debris

Baking soda will help to clean and refresh the sofa

Baking Soda on Couch

Vacuum the sofa first as usual. Then sprinkle ordinary baking soda and leave for a while. Soda absorbs not only pollution, but also unpleasant odors. It remains only to remove it with a brush or the same vacuum cleaner.

The stain from the mug can be removed with an iron

If a stain from a hot mug remains on the furniture surface, an iron will help to remove it. Put a dry cloth on this place, turn on the device in not too powerful mode (and without steam!) And iron for several minutes.

  • 10 Common Habits That Take Style From Your Image

    The amount of looks that designers and stylists create and recommend to everyone grows more and more. You would no longer surprise anyone with the combination of the incombinable and the mix of different styles, but there are still certain “security” rules that you should not ignore, even when it comes to your basic wardrobe.

    We prepared a list of customs that can sometimes betray you.

    10. Ballerinas with an official costume

    The dancers make your ankles look wider and, in most cases, the legs start to look like a pair of poles. It is not something that combines well with an official style, which should be elegant. Here it is better to opt for some heel: either needle or smaller.

    9. Long top over denim pants

    The long, fitted tops above the denim pants make the silhouette too long. In combination with shorts, the look is even more strange. That’s why it is better to put this type of tops in denim pants. If it is not your thing, opt for free cut models.

    8. Bulky bag for special occasions

    Large bags are universal: you can combine them not only with casual style, but also with business. However, if you plan to go to a club or restaurant, give preference to more compact models. In these cases the bulky bags are totally inappropriate.

    7. Buttons with a short skirt

    Buttons rarely combine well with skirts. Visually, this type of footwear that sometimes reaches the ankles shortens the legs. This effect is intensified with miniskirts. If you want to wear this skirt, wear classic stiletto shoes and in the coolest season, long boots.

    6. Several baggy clothes at once

    A pair of baggy clothes in the same look completely hide the shapes we need to highlight (waist, hip, bust). Therefore, if you want to wear something loose, it is better to balance the other part of your image with a fitted garment.

    5. Stockings combined with shorts

    The shorts are a garment for hot days, so it is not good to complement them with socks or leggings. It is better to save them for the next season instead of creating strange looks with bright colored tights.

    4. Tulip Skirt

    This type of skirt is “safe” for the figure if it is low waist. A “tulip” with the high cut only looks good if you stand still without moving all the time. When you move, the illusion of a prominent abdomen is created, even in thin girls. If you doubt when choosing a model , opt for something classic without forgetting your type of figure.

    3. Shoes that fit you big

    Shoes of a larger number look in bad taste. It is better to buy the shoes in the morning, because at the end of the day the feet get tired and sometimes swell, so you would end up buying a wrong number.

    2. Turtle neck sweater

    Be careful with this type of garments: the neck may appear shorter and this takes elegance away from your figure. Do not ignore the garments with necklines: if necessary, complement them with scarves or scarves.

    1. Denim pants that don’t fit you

    Denim usually stretches. Therefore, if at the time of trying on a pair of pants, you get baggy, you risk buying a thing that will not only stop highlighting your figure over time, but will also add a messy touch. When you buy a pair of pants that are a little narrow (a little, not a smaller size), you give them an opportunity to keep their appearance for longer.

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    Based on material from

  • 10 Tricks Make Us Buy Cosmetics But We Don’t Need at All

    To influence the customer, cosmetic companies use increasingly sophisticated tools. Everything is used: sounds, smells, lighting in the store and even the uniform of sales consultants. As a result, we spend money – a lot of money – on a bunch of unnecessary cosmetics, which then dusts for months on a shelf.

    Happy Worthy Life collected 10 tricks by marketers, thanks to which we can easily part with our money.

    LED bulbs

    Until recently, lighting in stores was just a necessity, but over time, marketers, especially in the beauty industry, have learned how to directly influence customer behavior with this simple tool.

    • Most cosmetics stores have high-color transparent LED lamps that mimic natural light. Such lighting accurately reflects cosmetic shades, but most importantly, it flatters the buyer, showing him in the best light. A woman likes her reflection in the mirror, and she is happy to try cosmetics.
    • For example, the German brand Gerry Weber increased its sales by 10%, just by changing the lighting in its stores.

    Lipsticks and shines are placed at the entrance to the trading floor

    Shelves with multi-colored lipsticks, like bait, lure people into the store, even if they did not plan to make a purchase at all. This can be compared with the effect that sweets produce on children.

    Items sold in sets

    You probably noticed that often cosmetics are sold in sets – sets of several products at a very reasonable price. For example, a palette of shadows comes complete with a pencil and ink. In fact, this is another tricky trick with which marketers influence people’s behavior.

    • Chasing a low price, the buyer sends goods to the basket that he didn’t need at all, simply because he was told that it was profitable.

    Probes and testers

    Every year, cosmetics companies spend millions of dollars on probes and testers. This has its own explanation. A huge amount of information affects the decision to make a purchase: from the price of a product to a person’s personal preferences. And the probe is a great way to remove these obstacles and make the buyer make the final choice.

    • By employing additional feelings – touch and smell, marketers make the connection of consumers with the product stronger. And people are more willing to make a purchase.
    • When a person receives something for free, he feels obligated to do something good in return. For example, buy a product as a “thank you” for the opportunity to use a probe.
    • We become that if a person tests the car, then the chance that he would later acquire the car increases by as much as 60%. The same rule applies in the beauty industry – with the only difference being that this percentage is much higher.

    Celebrities in advertising

    • Today, hardly anyone can surprise a celebrity in advertising. But this method still works. The thing is that we perceive celebrities as people close to us, so advertising with their participation affects us as advice from a good friend.
    • It is proved that people most often recall products that have been approved by the stars.
    • Buyers subconsciously associate themselves with the hero of advertising, sincerely believing that if they buy the product used by the star, they will be just as successful and beautiful.
    • Engaging Nicole Kidman in a perfume ad, Chanel has increased sales by 30%.

    Repetition of keywords on the packaging

    10 Tricks Make Us Buy Cosmetics But We Don’t Need at All

    This technique is used by literally everyone: from manufacturers of toothpaste to cosmetic companies. Hundreds of products compete for customer attention in the store, and brands have only a few seconds to interest them.

    • The repetition of the main characteristics of the product on the packaging immediately makes it clear to the person what benefit he will receive from the purchase of the goods, and simplifies his choice.
    • For example, on the packaging of L’Oréal Elseve shampoo, the word “color” is repeated as many as 4 times. For a person with thin hair, this is a real signal for action.

    Use in advertising cities associated with luxury living

    Cosmetic companies often use the names of fashionable capitals in advertising and even in brand names. This trick associates the product with luxury and gloss, positively affecting sales.

    • The Maybelline New York brand was simply called Maybelline until the early 90’s. Only one detail in the name brought the brand among the market leaders.
    • The British company SANTINI Cosmetic, which actively exploits the name of the French capital in advertising its perfumes, also uses this technique.

    Packages of cheap products follow the design of expensive

    You can often see how cheap cosmetics are placed in a package, the design of which largely repeats the appearance of the packaging of expensive products: the same shape, the same fonts and similar shades – they copy everything to the smallest detail. And it works.

    • Buying a “luxury” product at an affordable price, consumers sincerely believe that they have received original quality and have joined the world of luxury.

    Aroma Marketing

    The pleasant smell, as well as the right music, not only encourages people to buy more, but also makes them want to stay in the store longer.

    • One study found that competent aromatherapy marketing increases sales by up to 80%. The thing is that smell is closely connected with those parts of the brain that are responsible for emotions and memory.
    • Cosmetic brands often use fresh, pure scents or signature scents in their stores (often the perfumes the company sells). As a rule, it is always the same flavor. Thanks to this tricky move, consumers remember the store whenever they smell it, even in a different place.
    • Fragrances also influence the perception of the brand by consumers. For example, luxury brands use in their boutiques the smell of incense and cardamom, which are associated with luxury. Thanks to this, the brand is gaining great importance in the eyes of consumers.

    Have you ever bought something that you later regretted? If so, what was the remedy?

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