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15 Things We Use Every Day But Don’t Know How to Store Them Properly

Many things we use every day but don’t know how to store properly. Help protect the life of items such as perfume, toothpaste, cleanser … 15 things we mentioned below will be extremely helpful for you to help you lead an effective, healthy life.


Today figured out what we store incorrectly and why we shouldn’t do that. We hope this article will help you avoid mistakes that can cause your favorite things to deteriorate faster or even become dangerous to your health.

1. Creams and other skin products

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

We are used to keeping all the cosmetic on the shelf in the bathroom – where it is light, humid and very hot. But the temperature of the environment can have varied effects on beauty products, so it’s important to be aware of where to store them.

Creamy products and serums should be kept in a cool, dark place, that’s preferably away from an outside wall. Storing liquid foundation in the fridge can help preserve the product, making it last longer than its suggested expiry date.

2. Decorative cosmetics

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

Most women keep mascaras, powders and lipsticks in the same place as creams – in the bathroom. The problem is that at high humidity, all kinds of bacteria and fungi actively colonize cosmetics , and some of them can be hazardous to health.


Lipsticks need to be stored in a cool, dry place, as too much heat exposure can cause them to break down and decompose over time.
Mascara and eyeliner have to be stored in a cool, dry place, but not in the fridge as bacteria in make-up can cause eye infections or irritations.

3. Nail polish


We show 6 rules Do and Don’t of storing your nail polish:

  • Do store nail polish in a cool, dark place with consistent temperature.
  • Don’t store your polishes near any sources of heat.
  • Do store nail polish away from direct sunlight. Light exposure can can promote discolouration or fading of the pigment.
  • Don’t store nail polish in the bathroom. The temperature is constantly changing due to the shower and your polishes will be exposed to humidity.
  • Do ensure that all of your polishes are stored in an upright position.
  • Don’t store nail polish in the fridge. Whilst some say that storing your polish in the fridge slows down the discolouration that happens as the polish gets older and reduces the solvent evaporation, it also causes the formula to thicken. Plus… who has room in their fridge for their nail polish collection anyway? I know I sure don’t!

4. Sponges and makeup brushes

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

How often are you cleaning your beauty blenders. A recent study aimed to look at the extent of microbial (bacteria and fungi) contamination in commonly found items in most of our make-up bags. Nearly 79-90% of all used products were contaminated with bacteria.
⁣You need to hygiene practices around your make-up products are hugely important to prevent the risk of eye and skin infection.

5. Cologne and perfumes

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly


It’s important that you keep your fragrance protected against extreme cold or heat. Only colognes and toilet waters should be stored in the refrigerator. Perfumes should not be exposed to extreme cold or heat because either may upset their delicate balance. Notes can be affected by extreme temperatures.

We put some tips for you

Do store fragrances in cool, dry spaces away from sunlight:

  • Cupboards
  • Dresser drawers
  • Dark closets

Don’t store fragrances in:

  • Bathrooms (generally moist and warm)
  • Windowsills
  • Direct sunlight

6. Sanitary pads and tampons

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

Women store hygiene products either in a secret cabinet or in the bathroom. Heat and moisture can make it easier for germs to take hold and multiply.
Hygiene supplies can be kept in a drawer or closed box , but not on a mirror or washing machine.

7. Silk products

Silk garments should be stored clean – this is critical because clothes moth larvae feed on human and animal hair and skin which is a form of protein, and they are also particularly attracted by food stains and the residual from perspiration, which also provides the moisture that is essential to their survival 

We recommend that silk clothes are stored neatly folded in breathable cotton storage bags and in non-acidic tissue paper or hung in clothing covers in a dark and dry place.  We have the prefect solution for you in our storage bags and garment covers.  Avoid sealed plastic containers that may cause moisture or yellowing of the silk.  Moisture will significantly increase the risk of any moth eggs that may be present being able to survive and develop into damaging moth larvae.

8. Store your bras

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

A common mistake many women make is to fold their bras in half and keep them interspersed with other underwear. This not only looks unaesthetic, but also spoils things: the cups are deformed, the material stretches, and clues appear on the lace. 3 way to do it very simple : Hanging underwear on a hangers, use lingerie drawer and in a shoebox or container.

9. Shoes with a high bootleg

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

Knee-high boots can be difficult to store in a way that maintains their shape. Put your boots in a standing up position in your shoe storage area. The magazines will ensure that the boots remain upright and retain a good shape.To prevent this happening, put the filler not only in the socks, but along the entire height of the boots . Use special retainers, magazine roll-ups, or plastic bottle stands, old calendars.

10. Women’s bags

15 Things We Use Every Day But Don't Know How to Store Them Properly

If women are still fiddling with shoes and clothes out of season, then handbags are often simply thrown into the closet, where products quickly lose their shape, become covered with dents and scratches. To keep your bag looking good. Place your bag in a soft, breathable dust bag. If you don’t have one, you can use a cotton pillowcase in a neutral colour, in order to prevent colour transfer. Be sure to wrap exposed hardware (including buckles and zipper pulls) with a piece of tissue paper to keep it from making imprints on your bag over time.

Are you looking some useful hacks to store things in your life? or you also put have you put batteries in the freezer to “revive” them. Tell us those hacks you know we will thanks.

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