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15+ Tricks With Which Supermarkets Force Us to Spend Money

We all know that the figure of 9.99 on the price tag seems to be much less than 10. Or that unnecessary and stale goods are placed on the racks near the cash register. These are old marketing tricks. But there are trickier tricks that we don’t even know about.

Happy Worthy Life editorial will reveal the secrets of marketers, knowing which you can spend less and buy only the essentials.

Everything is arranged so that we buy more

Expensive goods and products need to be sold sooner are located on the right side relative to the entrance at eye level: this is the place where they look more often.

The width of the aisle also affects sales. Buyers prefer spacious rows, so there are goods that are profitable for the supermarket. Essential products will be bought in any case, which means that they will be in the most secluded places.

Milk placed in very depths of the store, so that customers pass other goods along way to it.

Sweets are product that sells better from lower shelves, it’s easier for children to get them out.

Vegetables, fruit, nuts and other healthy food is always located at the entrance. The secret is that when they take something useful, people relax and likelihood they will pick up a lot of other goods increases.

Everything else, we are literally forced to go around all the supermarket shelves, having the necessary products in different parts of the store.

The choice of lighting and color is also not accidental

The color of the cart affects the number of purchases. Stores specifically purchase trolleys with red parts. This is done so that you spend more. Marketers believe that red color increases appetite, adds impulsiveness and creates an association with the sale.

The same marketing agency claims that orange and yellow are also good for shopping. Blue, as it turned out, causes a feeling of calm and is most often used in departments with goods for men. And green and violet – in the ranks with hygiene products, because they are associated with health and contribute to the emergence of confidence that the problem is solved.

And proper lighting visually makes the meat fresher . Warm white light is suitable for red products – meat and trout, and cold – for other types of fish. If the lighting is confused, then the meat may seem old.

The space is organized not for our convenience, but to increase sales.

As a rule, bright stands with large numbers are hung on separate stands in the middle of the store. Such price tags give the impression of a lower price .

Displaying assortment and prices on flat screens increases sales and allows you to increase the cost of products.

Carts do much more than you even need to buy the entire consumer basket. Over the past few years, their average size has doubled. The fact is that you want to fill a half-empty trolley.

There are other tricks

Often, one of the first products that we see when we go to the supermarket is smelling flowers. And they are located here not because they are well bought, but in order to set us up for active shopping.

Nothing is usually sold at the entrance, and not because it is easiest to steal anything from there. Entering the store, a person should get comfortable and get used to the lighting. In these seconds , purchases are unlikely to be made , so placing goods at the very beginning is simply inefficient.

In most cases, there is a mirror or polished glass at the entrance to the supermarket . The fact is that when they see a reflection, people automatically slow down to look at themselves. And this increases the likelihood that a person will go to the store.

And supermarkets are not  placed near banks, because their appearance makes you think about saving money.

Sometimes outright fraud

Do you go to the store with the list? What other secrets do you use to spend less?

Preview Photo by Adme, Phuong Tran / Unsplash

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