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17 Everyday Life Hacks Will Help Make Life Easier in Any Situation

There are many tricks that help make life easier in any situation. And we have repeatedly written about all kinds of ways to avoid various troubles. But life does not stand still, people are experimenting and finding new life hacks that allow, for example, playing sports harder or getting rid of a double chin in a couple of seconds.

We at  Happy Worthy Life are constantly looking for something new to save time at the right time, not to undermine your health and share these findings with you. Here, for example, are life hacks of Reddit readers who will help in different situations.

  • If you suddenly need to turn on the light at night, keep one eye closed so that it is in the “night vision mode.” Thanks to this, you will see better in the dark when you turn off the light again. © Davidglo / reddit
  • If you are very worried, nervous, and your heart rate has increased, there is an easy way to relax. Place a bottle of cold water between your nose and cheek and hold your breath for 30 seconds. The body will relax. © LanarLikker / reddit
  • When you do pull-ups, try to imagine that you are pulling your elbows down rather than pulling your body up. This trick will outwit your brain and help you do the exercise more easily because it makes you use your back muscles more.© FloralBison / reddit
17 Everyday Life Hacks Will Help Make Life Easier in Any Situation
  • Life hack for men: when you shave in the larynx, swallow saliva – this will help to avoid cuts. © crdog / reddit
  • Life hack for people of medium build: your neck is about half the size of your waist. This is useful when shopping in stores when you can’t try on an item. If you can wrap a belt of jeans around your throat, know that they suit you. © Dazeofthephoenix / reddit
  • In order for the back pain to go away, the muscles relaxed and the body became toned, it is useful to stretch and ride on the floor for 5-10 minutes. The back will thank you. © Sumit316 / reddit
  • When you leave any noisy event or venue (concert, night club) and feel that you hear worse, or there is a ringing in your ears, do the following: cover your ears with your hands and touch the back of your head with your fingers. Slap the back of the head with your thumb and forefinger of each hand many times. The ringing will go away and you will hear perfectly again. © pappy_van_sprinkle / reddit
  • If you need to see better while driving, turn down the volume on the radio. It works for me every time. © joliesmomma / reddit
  • In case of nausea, apply a cold compress to the back of the head. Nausea can occur due to high temperature or lead to its increase. Coolness will reduce body temperature. Take a clean towel, soak in cold water and place it under the neck or on the back of the head. © featheredfelon / reddit
  • If suddenly you urgently need to dry quickly after bathing in a pond, tightly wrap a towel around your belt and pull it tightly on your knees so that they are firmly pressed against each other. After sitting down as low as possible – you will feel how the towel is compressed even more. After that, your swimming trunks will be almost dry. © saunter-o-dimm / reddit
17 Everyday Life Hacks Will Help Make Life Easier in Any Situation
  • Every time you don’t have shoes on, try walking on toes or heels – this will help maintain your posture. © crdog / reddit
  • If you hold your hand to the side of the body and clench your fist, you can suppress gagging. © mellowyellowfelloww / reddit
  • To better hear the interlocutor in a noisy room, you just need to close your ear with your finger by clicking on the tragus (a “flap” right at the entrance to the ear canal). © LadiVee / reddit
17 Everyday Life Hacks Will Help Make Life Easier in Any Situation
  • If you have a double chin and want it to look more graceful in the photo, hold your tongue to the sky. © crdog / reddit
  • If you have forgotten something and can’t remember it at all, try to repeat what you did before you forgot: leave the room and enter again, look where you looked when you thought about it, listen to the same song. © delmoz / reddit
  • If you feel that you are crying now, but do not want it, start solving math problems in your head. The brain will not be able to focus on both issues, and tears will not flow. This technique helped me out several times at work. © Egan93 / reddit

And of course, we are interested, maybe you know life hacks for any occasion? Be sure to tell us in the comments.

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