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18 Simple Tips to Make Your Life Easier And Your Home Cleaner

In this collection we want to show you 18 simple tips that will make your life easier and your home cleaner.

“ The smell of fish in the microwave? Water + lemon juice. Put the cup in the oven and heat for a couple of minutes, and then leave it inside for a while. Then wipe everything with a cloth “

“I have a new favorite way to remove stuck food debris from my stone countertop. It’s just a window scraper. “

“On such stains, I apply white vinegar and leave for 20 minutes. Then you need to wash, put on hanger and let dry.”

“To remove such black marks on your shoes, just soak cotton wool with nail polish remover and rub. It works great and doesn’t spoil the rubber. “

“Use trays to Keep toiletries out on your bathroom counter. You just lift/put back one or two trays vs multiple items. “

“The dirt in hard to reach places can be cleaned with an old toothbrush. Use with dishwashing detergent “

“Soapy solution and very hot water are the key to removing grease stains.”

You could try writing over the ink with a dry erase marker then wiping off. If you’re lucky, everything will be erased together.

“To remove burnt pan, add three teaspoons of soda, pour hot water and cook it for about 15 minutes. Baking soda should dissolve the burnt rests and enables to remove them quickly. “

“ Dissolve 1-2 dishwasher tabs in a sink of hot water and let it soak for 15-30 mins before scrubbing with a stiff brush. “

“To remove sticky pad residue, You’ve got to hold the hairdryer on it’s hottest setting directly over it for some time and keep the hair dryer as close as possible. “

Use baking soda and a cloth to scrub the rust off, heat it on the stove, then scrub it with only water and a brush in the sink. After, put it back on the drive to dry and heat, then add a small amount of oil and rub it in with a cloth.

“It turned out that the handles can be unscrewed. Soap solution + toothbrush, and then in vinegar for 10 minutes. And why haven’t I done this before? There dirt accumulated for 20 years “

“These white spots are caused by hard water. To get rid of them, you need to rinse the dishes with a cool solution of vinegar and then you could install a water softener”

“ Life-changing advice . Pour vinegar and 1 tbsp into a spray bottle. Shake, spray all over the glass well. Wash off with hot water in the morning “

Before and after of my van carpets. I sprayed them with dawn soap and water and then steam cleaned them with a steam cleaner.

It looks like vinegar can solve half of the tough household problems. What tricks have you learned from this article? Or maybe you have your own life hacks for cleaning the house?

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