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19 Life Hacks From People Combine Benefit and Simple

Who among us doesn’t salt water when boiling eggs or store sewing utensils in a cookie jar? But you must admit that we often do not have enough new tricks to further simplify our life. But thanks to the Internet, finding the right advice for your request today is easier than ever, especially since people show on social networks only what they have already tried themselves.


There are never many good life hacks, and the heroes of this article decided to share a couple of new tips with the world. And we just give it a try and advise you.

Ideal for those who want a perfume that smells natural: just put the perfume on the comb, not on the clothes

A regular drinking straw and a sharpener – and this is what happened: a universal holder for cables and wires

“The sweater fluffed up a lot, and I took a regular sponge: the result is amazing”

Whoever invented this lifehack should be nominated for some Nobel Prize

They set up a homemade cinema for themselves.

If you never know the direction of your clear plastic tape just draw an arrow

19 Life Hacks From People Combine Benefit and Simple

My wife’s solution to all her tank tops taking up too much room in the closet

My kids love fresh fruit, so as a treat, I put fruit on mini popsicle sticks and freeze them

“If you need to shoot a document or picture with a webcam, you can use the mirrored part of the disk.”


Life hack for those who always cook more pasta than necessary

Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts and never have to worry about your phone or keys on a run

Cut and attach old bike tires onto your kid’s plastic ATV wheels. Less noisy and more grip and durability

“If your charger often falls behind the bed, you can use the toilet paper sleeve like this.”

This hack is suitable for people who often record themselves on their phone, but still want to see their face.

If you need to ride your bike in the snow, save your dollars and turn your normal tires into snow-tolerable tires. For a few bucks, you can easily get zip-ties and place them around the wheel frame every few inches. Now you’ll have the traction you needed.

Do you have life hacks that are passed down from generation to generation? Share with us!


Photo by 6jigen / Twitter

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