20+ Cool Life Hacks of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy

Human imagination is limitless, and this helps us a lot to get out of the house and show our Ingenuity. People shared their everyday life hacks, which you think about: “What, it was possible?” For example, usb-a to micro usb converter and plugged a mouse, make a phone stand with 2 binders and a business card, wind ribbon with a drill, and much more.

We love people with a rich imagination, because it helps a lot to improve your life with the help of handy tools or objects.

2 binders, a business card – and the phone stand is ready

I level my dishwasher with a wrench on a stick

When painting put a garbage bag over the tray for less clean up after

My headphones broke since they’re plastic so I super glued two pennies on either side for stability. Good as new.

Is the tape unwound? Try using a drill

“The phone screen stopped working and I couldn’t access the photo. I bought a USB converter and connected a mouse to it. So I was able to unlock my phone. “

If you have a lot of cords, make bread clip labels

To prevent the garbage bag from falling into the bucket, you can fix it with an elastic band

“The fur looks very bad after washing. I found a comb for dogs and cats at home, and here is the result after using it “

“If you cut a pizza in half, you can put two in the oven at the same time.”

“I use an apple knife to make baked potatoes.”

Use direct sunlight to remove food stains from silicone cutting boards/kitchen utensils.

Save your fast food drink carrier and use it to store/transport all your favorite sauces to any room of the house in a snap.

Cut cosmetic tubes into half when they are about to run out and use 100% of the material inside. Use upper half as a cover to keep it from drying out.

Bonus number 1: “The boss raised the salary almost 2 times after I did not close the” Vacancies “tab and went home”

Bonus number 2: “I spilled a small bag of seeds on the floor, I was too lazy to collect or vacuum. I decided to let the hamsters out of the cage. They walked up, and ate, and cleaned up. None were missed “

What life hacks do you use?

Photo by 22594 / pixabay

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