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20+ Cool Tips That People Got on the Internet, Tested on Themselves and Rated at 10/10

Sometimes a random phrase seen on the Internet can change your whole life, or at least make it easier. Users of the Reddit website decided to discuss the best tips they found on the World Wide Web, and this topic gathered more than 5 thousand comments.


We read all the answers and took note of several life hacks. Perhaps one of these recommendations will be a real discovery for you.

  • If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now. If it takes more time, break up the work into 5-minute stretches and start it immediately. You may not complete the task, but you will gradually progress. © Kind_Man_0 / Reddit
  • When the little child begins to cry, bring him a glass of water and say that if he does not drink it right now, he will no longer be able to sob because he will run out of tears. This method always soothes babies. © Acornsie / Reddit
  • Put your house in order on Thursday evening. I began to do this by reading the advice on the Internet, and this allowed me not to strain on the weekend. © upsetungulat / Reddit

  • After a shower, shake off excess water from your body with your hands. It only takes a couple of seconds, but it will help you dry very quickly, while not leaving a puddle on the floor and not soaking the towel so much when wiping. © RubeRides / Reddit
  • You should always buy quality items that “separate you from the ground,” such as shoes, chairs, mattresses. Do not spare money for this: the back and joints will later thank you for this. © lycheemochi / Reddit
  • A certain girl wrote how she and her husband go to a new restaurant every month on the day of their wedding anniversary. My partner and I have adopted this and have been doing this for more than a year now. This is really fun! And it guarantees us that we will not go to the same 5 places again and again. © interstatebus / Reddit

20+ Cool Tips That People Got on the Internet, Tested on Themselves and Rated at 10/10
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  • Never make more than 2-3 zilch with perfume. If you cannot smell the perfume on yourself, then everything is in order. © nicogreek / Reddit
  • If you feel depressed and do not know how to get rid of anxiety, do some cleaning or clean something. © paxtana / Reddit
  • Do not keep potatoes and onions in the same cabinet: onions release gas, which makes the potatoes rot. I did not know about it and was constantly wondering why the potatoes spoiled.© Smokron85 / Reddit
  • One user mentioned that he told his child that his ears turn red every time he lies. I gave my son the same thing, and he still believes in it. The funny thing is: if he sees an adult with red ears, he is incredibly happy to tell a person that he knows that he is lying about everything in the world. © greypoupan / Reddit
  • To clean the microwave, put a glass of water in it and bring it to a boil – then you can just wipe off any dried dirt with a rag. © speak2easy / Reddit
  • One rich man, when asked what the most important advice he would give to the poor, answered simply and succinctly: “Learn to lie.” At first I took his words for sarcasm, but then I realized that it works. Thanks to this little trick, I found a job, stopped being homeless and realized that sometimes it’s easier and more productive to lie than to explain to people who do not care what really happened to you. © SamGlass / Reddit
  • If you are moving somewhere, prepare a box for the first day and put some dishes, Wi-Fi router, laptop, clothes, toiletries and other essential things there. This will make you feel comfortable while you are waiting for the delivery of the rest of the items. © moe_skweeto / Reddit

  • Today a neighbor came and told me that I should keep my children silent until 10 in the morning, because they are noisy and prevent her from resting. Grunted that I should find another apartment. I just took it and stared at her without saying a word, as advised on the Internet. In the end, she apologized and betrayed that she did not want any problems, and I just closed the door and continued to have breakfast. © cheekyrose_ / Reddit
  • If you still have boiled rice, do not put it in the refrigerator: it will become dry. Better wrap it with cling film and put it in the freezer. When you want to eat, just heat the rice in the microwave at medium power. © zubbs99 / Reddit
  • If you get up too abruptly and feel flickering in your eyes or weakness, strain your abs as much as possible and everything will disappear. © LightningInTheRain / Reddit
  • “Do not let this day go to waste. Do at least something to achieve your goal, even if it’s just a little. ” This advice really helped me. Even if I did not finish what I started, it gives me a slight sense of satisfaction from the fact that I did something. © choralmaster / Reddit

And what kind of advice received on the Internet do you use?


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