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9 Modern Tricks Will Increase Comfort Level of Our Life by One or Two

Admit it, how often have you said to yourself something like “I have a complete blockage”, “I have no time”, “I have no time for anything”? Indeed, it is true that the modern world often becomes a platform for an endless race, and constant haste is synonymous with success. But when even the most active ones run out of energy, it is worth thinking about the fact that relaxing and resting is not a shame. Better yet, think about it before fatigue crushes so that you can’t get up.


We at Happy Worthy Life care about our readers and that’s why we found out all about a few specific steps of the slow living movement , that is, a slow lifestyle (and a couple of its directions), in order to slow down and fall in love with life again.

Learn to relax. For real

In our time, it is almost impossible to imagine a person who of his own free will, put his mobile phone aside. And if in work and everyday life he helps to quickly resolve any issues, then watching news feed during rest only interferes with truly relaxing. You can try at least an hour a day, during a break from all business, not checking social networks with news and not responding to messages, but just walking. At least around the house. Or lie down in the bathroom, or whatever you like. No free hour? Then set aside 30 minutes. No 30? Find 10. After all, 10 minutes are sure to be found, we are sure.

  • Somehow, for 10 whole days, I rested in a place where it was don’t allow to use a mobile phone. The first day was hell. I missed the internet and music. But after that, I was suddenly remind my self of how much time I had! And when I received my phone back, I saw that no one, except my parents and sister, had written to me. So I found out who really cares. All in all an amazing experience.

And do nothing. At all

Now let’s complicate the task. Try doing as much idleness as possible for 5 minutes. Don’t just put your phone aside, but also not think about what a colleague said or whether the bread in the house has run out. The task of turning off any thoughts is actually quite difficult, and 5 minutes may well seem like very difficulty. But the effect of such activities is very positive. And over time, you can, if you wish, come to meditation.

  • I suffer from panic attacks from time to time. It is very difficult to live and talk with people at such moments, EVERYTHING starts to enrage. Everything is not so, everything is bad, ah-ah! But the other day I came across an article on meditation, I decided to try it, in the morning and in the evening I devoted 15 minutes to the lesson. And it helped! Yes, and in abundance: I began to feel calm, cheerful and mentally balanced.

Be able to turn an ordinary routine into a real thing

Every day we automatically do a whole bunch of things: wash our hands, brush our teeth, make the bed, prepare breakfast. And all this can become very pleasant. So, you can choose your favorite soap , the smell of which will cheer you up, or most comfortable microfiber rags , if homemade, from old T-shirts, cause irritation. And even peeling potatoes with music or an audiobook will fly by almost unnoticed.

  • Any business should be started only in a good mood. So yes, turn on your favorite music – and let’s get started! 


Pay attention to any nice little things

It is important not only not to forget the daily activity, but also to notice. The aroma of morning tea, the sun peeking out at the moment of intense work – all these moments worthy to enjoy . And then you can smiling with a passer and feeling better again from someone.

  • It’s like in the movie “Welcome to Zombieland”. There people try to survive, but at the same time do not forget to enjoy every positive moment that they manage to stumble upon.

If you buy, buy the best

Today we already know how many resources are spent to product just one T-shirt. And therefore, more and more people want to choose only special things that you fall in love with, as well as rather universal ones, not subject to the so-called fast fashion. And which, moreover, will not have to be thrown away after third wash (and a very low price with a huge discount, by the way, does not justify this). Thus, you can try to go from quantity to quality – buy one, but solid thing that will be relevant for a long time. This will create a wardrobe that can be worn with love for a fairly long time.

  • The concept of “fast fashion” pushes people to buy clothes that they will wear for a very short time or they will wear only once (or even never, for example, when you buy something that you do not need, just because it is cheap). Conversely, slow fashion is the acquisition of well-tailored clothing, which should be considered an investment (and not buying things over and over again just like that).


Think about your personal care priorities

9 Modern Tricks Will Increase Comfort Level of Our Life by One or Two

Not so long ago, it seemed to us that radical changes in appearance achieved through all kinds of plastic surgeries or unhealthy procedures seemed familiar to us . As a result, the slow beauty movement arose – a real philosophy of life, which suggests not to chase a quick result (the result of all kinds of “beauty injections” and similar procedures), but instead to concentrate on regular, natural and high-quality self-care … Take your time.

  • For me, self-care is a whole ritual. It would seem that the usual routine always becomes a reason to pamper yourself.
  • Yes, I also love this little bliss of mine: face mask, bath and candles. 

Conscious consumption

9 Modern Tricks Will Increase Comfort Level of Our Life by One or Two
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At present, conscious consumption – it is not just a trend almost the norm. And in addition to reducing number of purchases, you can also cut out everything that has accumulated in the apartment over the years. By the way, not only in the apartment: in this way, you can also clean your information space. For example, unsubscribe from many advertising mailings and remove unnecessary applications on your smartphone . You can also analyze your circle of acquaintances and let go of those relationships that, instead of joy, bring only anxiety and discomfort .

  • My advice is to start with one already useless or broken item. Getting rid of it will kind of start the process. For example, I’ve already thrown away a dozen things, and as a bonus, by the way, I found my son’s comics from the 1980s and sold them (with his permission, of course) for $ 150. 

And only choose your favorite physical activity

The principle of slowing down does not mean at all that of all activities we are only left with yoga. In fact, both fitness and even boxing fit perfectly into this concept – albeit with one condition. You need to do it not for show and not “because it is necessary” , but because it brings you real pleasure. Otherwise, everything will be just a waste of time and money.

  • I hate all these sports of yours with all my heart and soul. I honestly tried to drag around the simulators, after all, you need to lose weight, make a figure, yeah. Received only pain and suffering, quickly ran away. But then I met the love of my life – dancing. Words are not enough to describe all the delight, happiness and how after class I glow brighter than any bulbs. And yes, I also lost weight.

How do you feel about this lifestyle? Perhaps you have already tried something on yourself?


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