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Best Easy Ways to Make It Yourself Bed for Cat

Cozy floor and hanging cots that your pets will love.

How to make a bed for cat from a sweater with your own hands

What do you need

  • Sweater;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • filler (syntepuh, hollofayber, cotton wool or something else).

How to make a couch


Sew the neck of the sweater completely.


Sew the sweater around the dotted line shown in the photo. The seam should be semicircular and go from one armpit to another.


Fill both sleeves and the upper sewn part of the sweater with filler.


Do-it-yourself bed for a cat: Abe and sew the bottom
HGTV / Youtube

Fill the entire bottom of the product. For this place, you can use a single piece of foam or several layers of synthetic winterizer. Sew on the bottom.


Insert one edge of the sleeve into the other and sew to each other.


If desired, you can connect this entire edge with the sleeves.

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