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Former Car Thief and Car Mechanics Share Secrets to Help Keep Your Car Safe

For most people, a car is the second most expensive purchase in life. But not every owner keeps and operates it as befits such a significant thing. Theft and serious damage are very often the result of carelessness or lack of knowledge of the owner of the car.

Happy Worthy Life analyzed the story of a former hijacker and the advice of mechanics and hopes that they will help readers keep their personal cars.

  • If you find an honest and skilled mechanic (or salon) – drive only to him. The loyalty and relationships that you build with him will help you keep your car.
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  • Remove the audio panel if you leave the car. Often they hunt for her, and if she is not in a conspicuous place, then interest in your car will disappear.
  • Read the manual, watch rollers for changing fluids, wheels, and so on. Knowing these simple things will help keep your car in order longer. Everyone can do it, if only he is not afraid to get a little dirty.
  • Park in a well-lit area. Any hijacker will confirm that the cars he cracked were always in the dark part of the street or courtyard.
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  • If you own an expensive car, make sure that no one has attached a GPS tracker to you. The hijacker can follow you for several months to choose the most convenient time to commit a crime.
  • Do not leave documents in the glove compartment. If a car is stolen, you can lose not only it.
  • Recommended maintenance is not a trick. Each car that lives up to 200–300 thousand km runs complies with the maintenance schedule. However, owners of cars with a mileage of less than 100 thousand km and a zero repair history often think that a mechanic is trying to deceive them when it turns out that their car needs a major overhaul.
  • Cars of bright colors attract attackers less often.
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  • Put valuables in the trunk or pick them up from the car. If an attacker looks into your car, and there is something valuable in it, then the likelihood of theft will increase. If he doesn’t need the car itself, he can just break the glass and pick up everything you need. He simply will not have time to check the trunk.
  • Maintain proper oil and antifreeze levels. Leaking them may cost you an engine.
  • New or better tires should be at the rear. Which drive does not matter. It is so important that in some places it is regulated by law.
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  • Refuel only at trusted gas stations. Bad fuel is deadly to the engine.
  • For new imported machines, it is better to use synthetic oil. If the car has already traveled more than 200 thousand km, then it is better to switch to semi-synthetics.
  • Avoid the bad roads. Sometimes it’s better to ride along the toll road with a breeze than to kill the suspension on a bypass road.
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All fluids whose creators claim to improve performance or fix something are in fact deceptive. The best thing you can do is change the oil at recommended intervals.

Do you have any car care secrets?

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