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19 Strange Things From the World of Beauty Hacks and Fashion Show

We at Happy Worthy Life found the strange things people order in online stores to look beautiful, stylish, and vibrant. And, looking at them, one can only be surprised at what they would not come up with for fashionistas.

Marmalade, from which a tan appears on the skin, false silicone caviar, bacon-flavored toothpaste and a giant spring to remove a female tendril, are just some of the products that are wildly popular with users around the world.

19. Security briefs

An accessory that is sewn to a short and medium length skirt or sold bundled with it in China and Japan to prevent awkward situations and peeps. Strange Things

18. Lace costume

The kit, invented by California designers, accidentally aroused worldwide interest. Men note that the shirt is comfortable to wear in the summer, and lace shorts replace their pajamas: they are light, pleasant to the touch and the skin in them breathes.

17. Smile Extender

19 Strange Things from the Fashion World
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A Chinese facial muscle trainer that “accustoms” a person to smile more often. The gadget must be kept in the mouth for 2-3 minutes a day.

16. Overhead Caviar made of silicone

Invented in China, they are also widely distributed in Korea. They are glued to the legs under tights or pants to visually adjust the shape of the legs or to make the calves more visible.

15. Overnight mask for wrinkles

Korean mask with lifting effect, correcting the shape of the face with prolonged use. Designed for sleeping and made of natural breathable materials.

14. Hair bandages

The choice of such accessories for men is great. In addition to bandages, there are bandanas, caps, and even winter hats with hair of different lengths, colors and textures.

13. Nail clippers

Used to correct the shape of the toenail, popular in China, Japan and Korea. The clamp is placed on a wet nail and left to dry to prevent nail ingrowth into the skin.

12. Pedicure Slippers

Invented in India for yoga, pedicure slippers have become a hit among lovers of home pedicure. In them it is easier to paint the toenails and you can not worry about the safety of the varnish while it dries.

11. Lenses pendants

Contact lenses for eyes with pendants-rhinestones imitating tears. The designer from Amsterdam, who developed the accessory back in 2003, set the price at $ 350 for a pair of lenses. The product video shows that you can blink in them, but you should not use them in everyday life.

10. Lipstick with the taste of brine

Hygienic lipstick, invented in the United States, has a barely noticeable flavor of dill and brine. According to one version, before children brushed their lips with brine to wean them from licking or biting. Despite the existence of, for example, lipsticks with the taste of waffles and bacon, this lip balm is a bestseller in many countries.

9. Krabiki – barrettes for fingers

A Chinese device that is put on the fingers to protect fresh manicure and accelerate the drying of the varnish.

8. Ripped open back jeans

19 Strange Things from the Fashion World, Which many People are ready to give any Money
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Black underpai.ts are not included. Perhaps a collaboration with singer Rihanna allows this British brand to successfully sell such bold items of clothing.

7. Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Razorba Back An American gadget that allows you to remove hair throughout the body, but designed to easily shave back hair. Many men use this device as an alternative to salon hair removal.

6. Bacon toothpaste and Pork flavored soap

Personal hygiene items for pork lovers in the US are in great demand. For their manufacture, of course, flavorings are used that are in no way associated with meat.

5. Printed face masks

There is a whole category of Korean fabric masks with prints. Of course, the drawings do not add anything to the mask, this is just a design option that many users like.

4. Spring to remove facial hair

A large spring captures and pulls out unwanted hair from the root above the lip and chin, keep your skin smooth for a long time. Invented in China.

3. Jewelry for lips and eyes

Experimental designer jewelry that is held by the shape of your face or muscle movements from the Netherlands and Turkey. Made to order, but are in demand.

2. Marmalade teddy bears

Following stanning pills, blackberry marmalade with an unusual property appeared in the USA. It is enough to eat 2 marmalade bears during the day, so that after a couple of weeks the skin gets an even tan, even if you do not leave the house. According to the manufacturer, it contains only natural ingredients.

1. LED garland for eyelashes

Strange Things

Fake Eyelashes not only glow, but also blink in several modes. This accessory, invented in China rather as a joke, has become popular among fans of club life. True, doctors warn of possible harm to eyesight.

Have you ever come across Strange Things or mysterious from the world of beauty hacks and fashion Show? Share your stories in the comments.

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