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Summer Tricks With Glycerin for Skin

Hello, I’m Jennifer from Happy Worthy Life. Today I want to share something special with you is summer tricks or hacks with glycerin for skin, for face and for your body. I hope you enjoy it.

Almost every summer my friend comes to our town, who has long been living in Paris. Last year we went to the forest to celebrate her arrival and have a good rest.

Indeed, the day was fun and happy we returned home. But the next day my girlfriend called me complaining that insects had bitten her in nature so that now it itches without stopping.

Of course, earlier, no one bothered to grab a spray from mosquitoes, so her mood was unhappy.

When I asked if there was glycerin at home, my friend was very surprised, but said that she would look. As a result, the drug had to be bought at the nearest pharmacy. I explained in advance that it is necessary to lubricate every place of the bite and the itching will pass very quickly.

Summer Tricks With Glycerin for Skin

A few minutes later she called and said that the scabies had been taken off her hand. My friend had never heard about this method before, and I thought, why not share this trick with you too, you never know if you also know about it.

The fact is that glycerin has the ability to draw moisture when applied to dry skin. Due to which the blood flow increases, and the itching disappears very quickly, literally in five minutes.

But these are not all summer tricks that I know and apply on myself. I’ll share with you some of them maybe you need.

  • If you have dry, but not weathered lips and you just want to remove all the folds that they would look perfectly smooth, then before going to bed, smear dry lips with glycine.
Summer Tricks With Glycerin for Skin

I don’t know how it works, but overnight the sponges are smoothed as if they were injected with hyaluronic acid, I seriously, when I tried the first time, was just in shock. The only negative – the effect is not long-term, in the evening lips will be as before.

Face spray is a great summer care for hot weather.

  • It can be applied as a tonic in the morning, or during the day in order to freshen up. I will say at once, the shelf life of such a spray is not long, only three days, if stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, in order to save a gram of ingredients will be small.


  • A bag of green tea, you can with hibiscus or chamomile.
  • Vitamin “C” in powder. You can grind the usual ascorbic acid.
  • Half a teaspoon of glycerin.
  • A quarter of a glass of boiled but slightly cooled water.
  • Brew a tea bag in water and add all the other ingredients.
  • Pour into a convenient container better than a sprayer, having previously boiled it. You can use it.

Summer Tricks With Glycerin for Skin

This spray perfectly protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Which in turn protects you from age spots and premature skin aging. It will not dry the skin, as in addition to glycerin in the composition there is water.

What tricks do you know with glycerin? Write in the comments will be interesting to read, or may take something on the note. If you like it please share and follow website to support Us.

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