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10 Tricks To Help You Travel For Ridiculous Money

According to a well-known saying, travel is the only thing you buy when you get richer. However, for flights, hotels and other wonderful things you have to pay, and often a lot of money.

Happy Worthy Life collected several proven ways to save on travel that are used by experienced travelers.

Use compound routes

10 Tricks To Help You Travel For Ridiculous Money
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The so-called assemblies, when you yourself combine different airlines and different types of transport within the route, often allow you to save a lot of money.

Compare for yourself: prices for a direct flight from Moscow to Paris start at 20 thousand rubles, a flight with a connection can be found for 12 thousand rubles. But the assembly of the “ Nesterovsky ” train and the flight with a low-cost airline like Ryanair or Wizzair can cost you only 7-8 thousand rubles.

Hidden City

Often, a direct flight from city A to city B is significantly more expensive than a flight from city A to city C with a transfer in city B. This means that you can buy a ticket with a connection and simply do not use the second segment of the flight. You can make a route with a “hidden” city using the Skiplagged or Flyshortcut online services.

Refuse to rent a car in major cities

10 Tricks To Help You Travel For Ridiculous Money
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A car is a convenient way to travel for intercity travel. Inside a city, a rented car can become a burden due to the need to look for parking (and pay for it), heavy traffic and traffic jams. To save time and money, it is better to use public transport or even rent a bicycle.

Explore special offers

Many transport companies offer very attractive prices for tourists. For example, you can ride all types of public transport in Bavaria all day for two for just 31 euros. The ticket for one from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle will cost the same if you buy one-time tickets.

In the UK, with the purchase of any train ticket, you can buy two tickets for the price of one to many popular attractions.

Traveling without baggage

10 Tricks To Help You Travel For Ridiculous Money
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Traveling without baggage is a great way to save money, as many airlines have much lower prices for flights without baggage. For example, a flight from Danish Billund to Berlin with Ryanair can be found for only 1 euro. Luggage in this case will cost at least 15 times more expensive.

Give preference to apartments

This type of accommodation has another indisputable advantage: it is the presence of a kitchen where you can cook your own food using local products. It turns out a decent saving of time and money, and this does not cancel the opportunity to get out to dinner in a nice cafe a couple of times.

The most famous apartment reservation services: Airbnb, HomeAway, 9Flats, Thehomelike, etc.

Go to museums for free

10 Tricks To Help You Travel For Ridiculous Money
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Many museums have free days and hours. For example, the Colosseum is admitted free every first Sunday of the month, and the Madrid Prado from 18:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Saturday. There are also museums where, in principle, there is no fixed entrance fee, these include many museums in the UK and the USA.

In any case, this information should be studied before the trip, in order to adjust your plans if necessary.

Use local currency when paying by card

In some countries, when paying with a card, the seller suggests choosing which currency you want to pay. In such cases, you should always choose the local currency, since when paying in the card’s currency, double or even triple conversion occurs.

For example, if you have a ruble card, the terminal sends a request in rubles to your bank, after which they are converted into local currency, then in dollars or euros and at the very end – in rubles. Overpayment can reach up to 10%.

Do not get attached to specific dates

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Very often, tickets with a departure just a couple of days earlier or later than the selected date can be much cheaper. To check this, use the low price calendar. Many online aggregators have this feature.

Use local search engines

Large services like Booking or Skyscanner often do not see local airlines and hotel chains, which can offer very attractive prices. Therefore, before the trip, do not be lazy to study local search engines.

In Asia, hotels can be searched on Ctrip or Agoda, in Australia and New Zealand on Wotif.

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