11 Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money

Almost everyone dreams of traveling and visiting every corner of the earth. But what stops us? That’s right – money. You can’t just quit the boring work, pack your suitcase and go to conquer the world. Or is it possible?

Happy Worthy Life will tell you about 11 reliable ways to help you ensure that you travel fully.

1. English teacher

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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English teachers are in great demand, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America. However, in order to teach English at school, it is not necessary to have a teacher’s education or to be a native speaker.

But in some major schools, you may be required to show a certificate of passing the international exam on TESOL, TEFL or CELTA. But the salary will be appropriate: for example, about $ 36,000 a year in Japan and $ 45,000 a year in the United Arab Emirates.

How much you can earn: from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 per month.

Where can I find a job:

Footprints Recruiting is the largest foreign portal where you can find jobs and apply.
TEFLOnline – The international TOEFL exam.

2. Work on a cruise ship

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Working on a private yacht or cruise ship is a good way to see different countries and visit exotic places. At the same time, on the ship you will be provided with free housing, food, insurance and a hotel in case you stop in another country. And on many large liners for crew members there are separate shops, Internet cafes, gyms and relaxation areas with billiards.

There are many varieties of work: a chef, a flight attendant, a tour manager, a photographer, an engineer, and many other vacancies. For some professions, it is not even necessary to know an additional language.

To get on the liner, you must sign a contract with one of the companies and prepare the necessary documents. As a rule, all documents are paid by the employee himself, and the contract is concluded for at least 6 months.

How much you can earn: from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 per month.

Where can I find a job:

Cruiseshipjob, Allcruisejobs – international cruise ship job search sites.
Vacancies can also be found on local classified sites of your country.

3. Blogger

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Being a blogger is a popular, but by no means the easiest way to earn money while traveling. Indeed, in order for the channel to generate income, you need to have a large number of subscribers who will comment, like and share your publications.

One of the popular instagrammers Jack Morris (Jack Morris) has about 3 million subscribers. In an interview, he said that he received $ 9,000 for one advertising post. Many bloggers advertise brands, which is why they get free stuff and trips to other countries.

However, reaching such numbers is not easy. It may take several years to develop the blog itself and its themes, and even then there are no guarantees.

How much you can earn: in different ways, depends on the number of subscribers, topics and type of blog.

Where to find work: popular Instagram, YouTube, Facebook platforms or your own separate blog site.

4. Work at a hostel

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Many hostels and small hotels are ready to hire foreigners for various work: cleaning the territory, preparing a room, moving guests or meeting visitors at the airport. At the same time, in addition to salaries, workers are provided with free housing, and sometimes 3 meals a day and insurance.

Of course, this is not a dream job, and the salary in such hostels is small, but new acquaintances and the opportunity to touch the culture of a country and visit many interesting places are provided for you.

How much you can earn: from $ 0 for accommodation and meals to $ 1,000.

Where can I find a job:

  • GoAbroad is a job search, internship, or exchange program for foreigners.
  • It is also worth looking at popular international job search sites such as Monster Jobs.

5. Flight attendant

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Working on board an airplane allows you to visit many countries, make new acquaintances, and at the same time gives a discount of up to 90% on airline tickets, hotels and rentals for yourself and your family. The plus is a very good salary, which averages from $ 45,000 to $ 100,000 per year.

Sounds great. But there are also difficulties. Such work usually takes about 80 hours per month. In addition, in order to get a position, you have to go through a rather tough selection.

How much you can earn: from $ 1,000 to $ 8,500 per month.

Where can I find work: on the websites of airlines.

6. Purchasing items in different countries

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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In order to recoup the cost of travel, you can first arrange with a small store (or with an individual) that you will bring an item from another country. At the same time, the store will receive rare goods, and you will receive a good bonus for delivery.

Some people buy things that are known for their quality and place of origin: Italian leather, Turkish ceramics, Chinese tea, etc. Then they simply sell this product on an ad or negotiate with sellers.

How much you can earn: depends on the type and quantity of goods.

Where to find a job: arrange with a store, a person, or sell through classified sites.

7. International courier

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Many large online stores, in order to deliver goods in a matter of days, entrust delivery to tourists who just return home from travel or, conversely, fly to rest.

  • A tourist who is planning to fly home must leave information about himself and his flight on a special delivery site or on the store’s website, and store employees will pick up the right package (usually these are gadgets or clothes). Upon arrival, the tourist is greeted by a service employee, the money for the goods and the delivery bonus are returned to the PayPal account or to the card.

In the event that you travel by car, you can earn extra money by courier. If there is free space in the car, then you can grab the cargo and transfer it to a neighboring city, thereby recouping some costs.

How much you can earn: it all depends on the amount of the package and the number of things that you can take with you. But, as a rule, on average from € 30 to € 500.

Where can I find a job:

GransJoy – delivery of souvenirs from different countries.
FedEx, DHL – sites of popular transport companies.
Auto Driveaway, uShip – sites for couriers.

8. The bartender

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Many clubs and restaurants hire staff around the world. Therefore, acquiring the skills of a bartender, you get a great opportunity to visit new countries, exotic places, expensive parties and make many new friends. In addition, as a rule, staff are provided with free housing, meals and all kinds of bonuses.

Of course, with such work it is important to know at least basic English or be able to accept an order in the language of the country where you are going to work.

How much you can earn: from $ 500 to $ 2,000 per month.

Where can I find a job: on domestic or international job sites by request of “bartending”.

9. Remote work

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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If you have a laptop, the Internet and certain skills, then you can make money while being anywhere. Many companies prefer to work with employees remotely. Designers, programmers, managers, writers and SMM specialists are in great demand. For some specialties even free distance learning is provided.

You can also agree on your current job that you will perform your duties remotely. But in this case, as a rule, in order to meet you, you must be a really good specialist and an irreplaceable employee.

How much you can earn: usually depends on the amount of work done.

Where can I find a job:

  • Fiverr, Upwork – the best international sites for freelancers.
  • A large list of deleted jobs and places to get a job.
  • Niklenburg – the best sites for finding remote work.

10. Au Pair Jobs

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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Au Pair (from French “on equal terms”) is an international cultural exchange program that allows you to live in a host family, learn a new language, learn culture and the country as a whole.

The peculiarity is that the participant comes and lives in the host family as a family member, like an older brother or sister. Moreover, all expenses for the program, as well as food and salary for the visitor are provided by the family itself.

From the one who arrived, it is required to perform various housework: pick up children from school, help with housework, go to the store and carry out various simple tasks.

How much you can earn: from $ 0 for accommodation to $ 1,500.

Where can I find a job:

  • Apply for AuPair or AuPairWorld.
  • Use the services of special agencies to help deal with paperwork.

11. Interest Travel

Ways to Live Traveling and Never Need Money
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One of the most radical ways for those who decided to leave is to sell everything acquired by overwork and give money to the bank. There are tens of thousands of people who did just that – they sold apartments, cars and left to live in another country.

For example, if you sell an apartment in Moscow and put money in a bank, then you can quite comfortably live in Bali or even in Turkey on the interest on the deposit. But here it is worth being careful and putting money into several reliable banks at once.

How much you can earn: depends on the interest on the deposit and the amount in the account. It is worth calculating in advance a comfortable amount for living in any country.

Where can I find work: I can not work.

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