19 Things That Impress Every Traveler Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China with its laws, currency, orders and culture. In essence, the state is in the state; a place where tall buildings and fishing areas, high technology and traditional lifestyles, huge shopping centers. Tourists visiting the Pearl of the East take pictures of everything that makes a lasting impression on them, and then tell the whole world about it.

Thanks to this, we have learned some facts about Hong Kong that we have not heard about before. For example, the fact that most of the apartments here are smaller than the elevator of Frankfurt Airport.

This elevator is larger than most apartments in Hong Kong

Handrails on escalators are treated with an ultraviolet sterilizer

There are also such small escalators, only 5 steps

Hotels provide their guests a cell phones with unlimited 3G Internet and free calls to 5 countries

And in some hotels you can find such tiny sinks and narrow mirrors

There are special places for disabled children on the carousels

Taxi drivers place 5-10 phones in their cars and use them for different purposes: navigation, correspondence, and so on.

More 2-story trams ride through the city streets

It’s cool to have numbers in the form of any words on cars

In the city you can meet wild boars

Black and white burgers can be bought at fast food establishments.

In Hong Kong from 1993 to 2017, such thick coins with a face value of $ 5 were issued

Scaffolding made of bamboo

Here’s how they look close. Remember how cleverly Jackie Chan climbed them in Rush Hour 2?

In public toilets you can find such richly decorated washbasins.

On the streets there are vending machines that sell umbrellas

And in supermarkets you can buy square watermelons and giant watermelons

Colgate Toothpaste has an ice cream truck that drives around Hong Kong

What impressed you the most in the countries you visited as a tourist?

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