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20+ Life Features in Different Countries That Shock Visitors

Even the most experienced travelers who crossed more than a dozen borders, the world does not cease to amaze with its diversity. Of course, going to another country, I want to be as prepared as possible for the nuances of the local way of life, especially since far from everything is written in guidebooks.

We at Happy Worthy Life found out that people from different countries consider it to be completely normal, but their guests are not, and now we will definitely not go along the bicycle path in the Netherlands.


We have no birthdays and ages, seriously. We know that there are young people and elderly, that’s enough. In the villages, no one wrote date of birth, so people guess about how old they are, extremely approximately. It is considered normal to call an arbitrary age so that you are hired.

Relations with time are generally very flexible. Sometimes it infuriates, sometimes laughs. If someone tells you that he is already approaching the meeting place, this may well mean that he has not even left the house. But ultimately you will still meet, is it worth it to worry about? © Samuella Karche / Quora


20+ Life Features in Different Countries That Shock Visitors

Our public transport is painted with crazy graffiti and equipped with ultra-loud music systems. Drivers drive like crazy, trying to get you to your destination in record time, despite traffic jams. By the way, in Nairobi it is considered quite normal to be late for work, because wild animals blocked the road. © Susan Soi / Quora


Electricity in Nigeria is often turned off, but we are used to it and just continue to do our own thing, unlike the rest of the world, where turning off the light is considered an emergency. However, do not be surprised when you see how enthusiastic people are about the return of electricity.

More than half of the drinking water here is sold for a penny in plastic bags. It is considered clean, although not really cleaner than bottled water. © Oluseyi Orlando / Quora


20+ Life Features in Different Countries That Shock Visitors

Marrying a dog or a tree before entering into a real marriage is still normal practice in many parts of India. This is done in order to protect the bride from evil if she was born under the influence of Mars.

Dental “offices” right on the sidelines are a common thing. They are used by those who cannot afford a visit to a certified dentist.

We have a special temple “Visa Balagi”, where people who wish to obtain a visa to a particular country pray. Hindus love to travel, and to avoid problems with visas, it is worth securing the blessings of the gods. For the same purpose, people donate airplanes. © Sunakshi Sinha / Quora

Chili peppers and lemons, which are tied to the doors of offices, shops and houses, as well as to cars, should protect the owner from failures. © Pavani Reddy / Quora


We have a tradition that all girls hate. During Easter, for no reason, the boys begin to beat girls with sticks and doused with water. Of course, these attacks are purely symbolic, no violence, but the real water. In return, the girls give the guys sweets. No one knows why. © Paulie Ravel / Quora

If you ask a Slovak: “How are you?” – he will answer you in detail and honestly, because here these words do not mean a symbolic greeting, but an invitation to start a conversation. This is logical, because instead of meaningless conversations about the weather and the government, you will immediately find out in what mood the interlocutor and what you can talk about with him. © Anita H / Quora


Nobody in the world drinks coffee longer than we do. Seriously, you can sit over one cup for 2-3 hours, and this will not bother anyone.

We also have many strange museums. For example, the “Country of Frogs”, where more than 500 stuffed frogs are made, made between 1910 and 1920 by one Hungarian taxidermist. © Maja Burazin / Quora


Came to a friend in Belgium, went to visit. I put on all my gold jewelry, and one lady praised my ring. I told that I made it to order and the diamonds are real, and then I got a terrible scolding from a friend. It turns out that, thanks to the democratic principles of the educational system, it is not customary for the country to express its class advantage, and topics such as the cost of certain things, especially jewelry, are prohibited, especially in small towns.


Recently, we were banned from selling alcohol after 10 pm. In some stores you can’t even buy non-alcoholic beer. What is strange, wine is considered a food product, so you can buy it at any time. Welcome to Moldova! © SergiuNegara / Reddit


What’s normal in your country but seems weird to the rest of the world?

We have 22.5 million bicycles for 17 million people. For example, my father has a stationary bike, great for short distances, mountain and racing bikes. © Gitta Beentjes / Quora


Here people are sprinkled with cinnamon if they are 25 years old, and they are still single. At 30, cinnamon is replaced with black pepper! © VVBL / Reddit


There are libraries at bus stops. No deadlines for return, no late payments, no evil librarians. The system is based solely on trust and generosity.

To see a 5 year old child who crosses the road on his own or takes the bus, in the order of things. Sometimes such children even look after their younger brothers and sisters. © Shani Eltachan / Quora


If someone offers you something, you must refuse until that person begins to literally beg you to take it. Only then can you agree. This applies to food, money, in general, everything in a row. © Exoma / Reddit

Probably, in other countries it is not accepted that random people invite tourists to dinner, ask to take a joint photo or spend the night in their house, but in Iran this is completely normal. That is why the Iranians are considered very hospitable. If you stand out from the crowd as a tourist, you will immediately feel like a superstar with a bunch of fans. © Mohsen Sadi / Quora


20+ Life Features in Different Countries That Shock Visitors

If your girlfriend or your boyfriend does not go to church, then they do not exist for your family. Two questions you will be asked as soon as you start dating someone: “Does he go to church? And his family? ” It’s better not to answer “no” to both. In Greece, you will never be hungry. Even if you want. And you will never be alone. Even if you really want to. © Ellie Bangtan / Quora


Everyone has their own chair. This is your chair, you are sitting here. None but you. If you are a guest, you need to wait until everyone takes up their seats or they tell you where to sit. © cedalodon / Reddit

The Germans love to walk naked. We have nudist beaches, in the saunas everyone undresses regardless of gender, and it is not considered strange to walk without clothes around your house or in the garden. © Maximellow / Reddit

When my brother’s American friend came to visit us for the first time, my brother went to a football training session, and my parents invited her to ride with them to the lake. She returned as if petrified and for several years hesitated to talk about it. On the lake, she became acquainted with the German habit of not wearing clothes, and we still laugh at the fact that she still married the son of these “hippies”. © dontyousaymyname / Reddit


We wish good morning and good evening to everyone we meet on the street. We are able to conduct long and reasoned discussions about what kind of snow is currently going on. It’s normal for us to leave our children in wheelchairs on the street to go to a cafe or a store. © Sarah Stone / Quora


In Turkey, it is considered impolite to receive guests in an uncleaned home, so we clean up a bit before inviting a cleaning service.

When a Turk sees that his friend has bought new shoes, he will step on it. This is a superstition that protects against the evil eye: if a thing is too new, people can envy, so it’s considered to be the norm to help a little “age” it.

Amulets from the evil eye are everywhere. It doesn’t matter if they work or not, we just need them to be. Well for peace of mind. It is said that if the amulet cracked, he completed his task and protected the owner. © Seda Çetin / Quora


It is customary to greet people with a double kiss on the cheek, even if you just met. This creates some inconvenience when you meet a large company – about 15 people or more. © Lisa Tanzil / Quora

Strange these aliens, of course. But on the other hand, your country probably also has customs, beliefs, rules and traditions that may surprise an unprepared tourist. Please prepare us in the comments.

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