20+ Reasons to Start Saving Money For a Trip to Iceland

The land of fire and ice is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The only sad thing is that some tourists strive to destroy this beauty for the sake of ideal pictures for instagram, and local residents have already sounded the alarm.

We at Happy Worthy Life are drawn to the north, to Iceland, to trample a mysterious ice mantle, so we found photos of those lucky ones who have already been there and share their impressions.

“On the streets under the sidewalks laid a system of water pipes, which runs water from geothermal sources”

Sidewalks in Reykjavik do not have to be cleaned of snow, because most of them have a natural heating system: the heat comes from hot water directly from thermal springs, which are plentiful in Iceland. Thermal waters are a source of energy for the entire state.

“Black sandy beach in Iceland. View from above”

The volcanic beach of Reinisfjara is strewn with black basalt sand. On the one hand, it abuts against the rock of the same name, the base of which consists of many basalt pillars. On the other hand – the southernmost cape of Iceland Dirhol.

“Craters of Iceland. It seems like you are on another planet. Endless black volcanic sands with no signs of human life. Believe it or not, I took this picture at 2 a.m. ”

20+ Reasons to Start Saving Money For a Trip to Iceland

The shortest daylight hours last only 3 hours, but in the summer the sun does not set almost round the clock. Nature here is pristine and grandiose – there are more than a hundred volcanoes, and 25 of them have been active over the past thousand years.

“The highlight of my recent trip to Northern Iceland is not the northern lights, but the epic polar stratospheric clouds”

The rarest phenomenon. As a rule, in the stratosphere there are no clouds at all. Only when the temperature drops to −85 ° C, rare water molecules can form ice clouds.

Reykjavik Today

65% of the population of this small country lives in the northernmost capital of the world. The Vikings have one weakness: they drink more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation. But here, the residents distinguished themselves: they organized a conference “Responsibility is profitable” and decided that their favorite drink should be less harmful, so that in products produced in Iceland, the sugar content was reduced by 10%.

“I could talk about how I walked 250 km in Iceland, but the best photo I took was only 2 minutes walk from the parking lot!”

All this unusual beauty warms not only the soul, but also the body – the country’s energy sector is recognized as one of the best in the world. Almost 100% of the electricity consumed here is generated by renewable hydropower and geothermal sources.

“Festival of winter lights”

In 2020, the celebration of light and art was held for the 19th time. All events within the framework of the festival are free: exhibitions, concerts, sports and other pleasures are organized to disperse the darkness of the polar night and to cheer up the inhabitants. This year, among other things, the grand opening of the new lighthouse took place.

“Recycle bin in Reykjavik”

Icelanders are recognized as the most liberal nation in the world. There are legends about northern tolerance. And here the standard of equal payments is introduced: 25 employees ensure that men and women receive the same salary. They analyze the salary system in enterprises and report the information personally to the Prime Minister of Iceland.

“There are gorgeous waterfalls in Iceland, but I always considered Skogafoss the most beautiful. Last night I managed to catch a rare moment and stay here all alone. ”

Left alone with such beauty, how not to feel in a fairy tale? There are more than 1,000 waterfalls in the country, they are literally at every step. There is a thin stream flowing down from high rocks, and powerful seething streams.

“Rhapsody of Lupins on the Field”

Lupins have become a disaster for the Icelandic ecosystem. First, they were planted all over the country to improve the soil: the plants were a kind of fertilizer that helped return nitrogen to the soil and make it fertile. But then they began to grow at such a speed that they now threaten the extinction of mosses and lichens.

“A piece of ice in the shape of Iceland, found in Iceland”

80% of the country is uninhabited. The forces that created Iceland continue to operate. Volcanoes erupt, forming new islands. Rivers change their course. So, for example, due to the eruption of an underwater volcano off the southern coast, the islands of Surtsey and Birtingur formed, the second of them disappeared with time.

“The only major highway in Iceland. On it you can go around the whole country “

The main transport artery of Iceland with a length of 1,339 km was completed 46 years ago. Today, in order to make amazing shots, it is enough to rent a car and set off on the main highway.

Reykjavik Skyline

The doors in the houses do not lock, and the heating is not turned off, because the energy is so cheap that you can literally heat the street. Do you think that’s all? Here the lowest crime rate in the world and the police do not carry firearms. By 2025, gas stations in Reykjavik will be halved. In 10 years, diesel and gasoline cars will be banned and they plan to neutralize carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.

“Inhabitant of the cafe for cats in Reykjavik. I wish I could take him home. ”

The capital of Iceland leads in the number of cats per capita: for every 10 people there is 1 fluff. At least 20 thousand cats live in the city, most of which are domestic cats. There are entire communities dedicated to the local mustachioed: pages on Facebook and accounts on Instagram. And in Reykjavik there is a society for the protection of cats, a shelter and a hotel for homeless animals, where they can eat, wait out the cold, and if they want to stay, they will find owners.

“A trip to the most remote corners of the country is a huge gift, and I am grateful for it. As a result, I got one of my best shots. ”

Despite the short daylight hours, Icelanders are a very cheerful people. The phrase “Þetta reddast” is the motto of Iceland. It means “everything will be fine anyway.” Delayed at work? Did everything go awry? Þetta reddast!

“This card is” Where are you from? “At the Museum of Northern Lights”

About 11% of the population are immigrants, and local people are very welcome. According to a survey conducted by the University of Iceland, 60% of the population believe that visitors benefit the country.

“I first tried to photograph the Galaxy and aurora”

From March to September, the radiance is especially bright. Photographers from all over the world come here hoping to get colorful shots.

“The western fjords are something! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to escape from the bustle of the city, plus, in my opinion, they are much more beautiful than those that I saw in the south ”

The Atlantic puffin, or penguin of the north, is one of the symbols of Iceland. More than half of the entire world population of dead ends nests here annually. In the air they are able to reach speeds of up to 88 km / h

“We booked an ice cave tour from a local guide. It takes about 3 hours “

Views and reliefs are cosmic. It is not surprising that it was in the expanses of Iceland that the American cosmonauts, preparing for operations on the lunar surface, trained on desert plateaus.

“Just returned from our first trip to this beautiful island!”

Iceland is called the “island of a thousand rainbows.” According to an old legend, whoever sees the rainbow will not have money problems for the next year. Maybe that’s why the locals live so well?

“On clear days you can see the Hekla volcano in full view, usually it is hidden behind the clouds”

Iceland has entertainment for every taste, including hotels with glass bedrooms. At night you can admire the northern lights, in the afternoon – panoramic views, and also – seals and whales, because a glass cabin stands on the seashore.

“Hornstrandir Peninsula. Looks a bit like the edge of the earth

Previously, fishermen and artisans lived here, but then they left this harsh peninsula isolated from the whole world. Icelandic authorities have declared Hornstrandir a national reserve.

Friends, are you among the lucky ones who have visited this magical land? Share your impressions?

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