Euro 2020 in Danger of Being Postponed Because of Covid-19

Michelle Uva, UEFA Vice President, said the head of European football is waiting for the development of the Covid-19 epidemic to decide whether to delay Euro 2020.

“We are watching the progress of each country and listen to their direction. If the Covod-19 epidemic situation becomes more serious, sporting events must stop. UEFA is waiting for a final decision, ” Daily Star quoted Uva Vice President.

Euro 2020 is the most expected tournament of the world football village in 2020. Unlike every year, this Euro period is held across 12 European cities. That’s why UEFA worries that Euro 2020 may be delayed because the Covid-19 epidemic suddenly broke out strongly in Europe in the past week.

Euro 2020 in Danger of Being Postponed Because of Covid-19
European football is turning upside down because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Italy is the country with the largest outbreak of Covid-19 to date in Europe. Serie A matches must be postponed, or held without an audience due to the risk of spreading corona virus. Rome is the venue for the opening match of Euro 2020 on June 12 between Italy and Turkey.

Besides Euro 2020, the ability to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is still open. Japan is one of the countries in the focus of the Covid-19 epidemic and is recommended not to hold the Tokyo Olympics. The solution is to change the venue, or move to the next year.

On February 28, a Spanish fan came to San Siro to watch Valencia play Atalanta against corona virus. Spanish media fear this person will infect a series of fans also present on the San Siro. A Serie C club was quarantined because Paul Udoh was positive for the coronavirus.

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