17 Best Netflix Series Coming in 2020

17 Best Netflix Series Coming in 2020. We Happy Worthy Life examined the timetable for the release of new seasons and saved 20 series that will reappear on screens this spring. To watch the final series of your favorite films or switch to something completely new – the choice is yours, and our selection will tell you the options.

1. Billions

Season 5 , release date – May 3, 2020

The plot focuses on billionaire Bobby Axelrod and Attorney General Chuck Roads, whose goal is to arrest Bobby. Two titans are united by one “sweet detail” – a woman (which, of course, complicates everything). The series from the first episode plunges the viewer into a war of good and evil. Good is just here and what is evil is unclear.

In the previous season, the prosecutor and the billionaire were tired of fighting with each other and they had to unite to get rid of other enemies. Now that the horizon is clear, are the characters ready to cling to each other again?

2. Killing Eve

Season 3 , release date – April 12, 2020

Eve is a security agent with an extraordinary mind. Villanel is a talented killer who, thanks to her grandiose transformations, manages to be invisible to everyone except Eve herself. The women’s obsession with each other captures from the first series and does not let go for the 3rd season. The creators completed the previous part of the picture with a very intriguing scene, so the fans have no idea how the further relations of the main characters will develop. Who will win?

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Season 3 , release date – March 15, 2020

People come to the WestWorld amusement park to feel like they are not in real life. There they can realize their most terrible desires and go unpunished, because all the people living in this world are androids who will wake up the next day and forget about what happened. But it turns out that not all robots lose their memories.

The actions of the new season will move into the real world and take place immediately after Dolores escaped from the Wild West World along with the brain nuclei of several robots.

How to Get Away with Murder

2nd part of the 6th season

Professor Annalize Keating is a brilliant lawyer, she teaches students a discipline called “How to Avoid Punishment for Murder”. She professionally uses her legal talent and the art of persuasion, gathers around herself a group of “minions” from among students, who subsequently become one of her main problems. Well, the classic torment of the hero of “Crime and Punishment” is a cherry on the cake.

In season 6, fans will discover even more secrets of the professor and students.

5. Black Monday

Season 2 , release date – March 15, 2020

The events of the series take place after “Black Monday” – October 19, 1987, when there was the largest stock market crash in the history of Wall Street. In the center of the story is a group of cunning amateur financiers who manage to find a way to make money on what happened, which instantly turns their life into a holiday. Heroes constantly find themselves in absurd situations in the style of “how to throw everyone so that they do not throw you.”

In the new season, viewers will learn about Moe’s past, how he transformed from an ordinary trader into an ambitious business owner, and his difficult relationship with Darcy.

6. Homeland

The final 8th season , release date – February 9, 2020

The plot focuses on Marine Corps Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who was reported missing for 8 years, and one of the best CIA operatives, Carrie Matheson, who suspects him of involvement in the preparation of the terrorist attack on America. The series touches on difficult topics: the unknown world of spies, secret agents and the problems of the Middle East.

And in the new season, the main character suffers from memory failures after months of imprisonment and torture in prison, but should help the US national security in negotiations with the Taliban. Colleagues do not trust her, and often Carrie has to rely only on herself.

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7. Better call Saul

Season 5 , release date – February 23, 2020

The series tells about one of the heroes of the crime thriller “Breaking Bad” – an ingenious fraudster and lawyer Sol Goodman. The first seasons of the film narrated the beginning of the hero’s path as a criminal lawyer and his attempts to open his own law office in Albuquerque. In the new part of the picture, he finally turns into the one who we see him in the original series – a criminal in the hands of other criminals.

8. The good fight

Season 4 , release date – April 9, 2020

As a result of the disclosure of a number of illegal transactions, first-class attorney Diana Lockhart loses her job and her savings, while Maya’s young lawyer loses her reputation. This picture is a spin-off of the series “Good Wife” that ended in 2016. It is based on the stories of previous minor or already new characters. Like the original series, this picture tells about people who are in a difficult life situation and who again rise from the ashes. But will everyone succeed?

The creators of the series promised that in the new season less attention will be paid to the current president of the United States.

9. Fargo

Season 4 , release date – April 19, 2020

The plot of this black comedy is tied to a chance encounter of the insurance policy merchant Lester and the tramp Lorne. But the fact is that this is not a tramp, but a hired killer. The plot turns the innermost fears and cowardice of heroes inside out, flowing into cruelty, love and hate in one bottle.

The new season takes place in Kansas City in 1950. Two crime syndicates that control drug trafficking and smuggling. For this, the heads of the syndicates exchanged their eldest sons. But once, when one of the criminal leaders dies, everything goes awry.

10. Outlander

Season 5 , release date – February 14, 2020

The series begins in the 1940s and tells the story of military nurse Claire Randall. During a walk, she moves to 1743, where she immediately falls into the thick of events that threaten her life. The girl must find an opportunity to survive and return back to the future, where her husband remained. To escape, she is forced to marry a Scottish warrior with a difficult fate and a disarming sense of humor.

In season 5, Claire will appear before the audience as a 54-year-old woman who recently became a grandmother. She found herself in the role of a village doctor, but not all patients trust her diagnoses, and sometimes even consider her a witch.

11. Brockmire

19 Coolest Series Coming in 2020
Brockmire / Funny or Die  

Season 4 , release date – March 18, 2020

The plot of the 4th season tells about the life of the main characters 10 years after the events of the 3rd season. About the future, where climate change caused irreparable damage to the planet and turned life into a living hell.

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12. Bosch

19 Coolest Series Coming in 2020
Bosch / Amazon Studios  

Season 6 , release date – April 17, 2020

The series tells the story of Harry Bosch, a detective in the killer Los Angeles police department. During one of the operations in the forest, they accidentally discover the body of a teenager who was not only brutally killed, but also managed to hide the crime for decades. Who is the killer and, most importantly, what the 13-year-old boy has prevented him from doing – this is what the main character has to find out.

In the previous season, Bosch came close to solving the case, but at the last moment the bait fell off the hook. As a result, everything turns against the main character, because he becomes the main suspect in this crime.

13. Liar

Season 2, release date – March 2, 2020

A successful medic widower Andrew invites a pretty woman, a teacher of his son Laura, to a date. The couple’s evening turned out to be excellent: dinner in a restaurant, a continuation of the house with a glass of wine and a hot night as a finale. The next morning, one of the heroes-lovers writes a rape statement. The crime happened, but was it a crime?

At the end of Season 1’s final episode, viewers see Andrew dead. He was killed. But who and why did this, we learn from the continuation of this detective-psychological drama.

14. Better Things

Season 4 , release date – March 5, 2020

The life of a single mother with many children is complicated and harsh. But the heroine of the series Sam is not discouraged: despite the lack of success in her acting career, in her personal life, everything is in order. The series has a lot of hilarious and cynical, but at the same time it is romantic, noble and understandable to every woman.

In the new season, Sam will prove that aging is not the end of life, and women can be in good shape, have fun and seek happiness at any age.

15. Future Man 

Season 3, release date – April 3, 2020

The main character, Josh Fatterman, is a kind of geek and a loser who works at prestigious jobs and lives with his parents. All his free time he plays his favorite computer game, in which no one has yet won. But when Josh goes through the game to the end, his life suddenly changes, he finds himself in a whirlpool of events, adventures and time travel.

In the final of the 2nd season, 3 main characters managed to prove their loyalty to each other. However, no less complex and insane tests await them.

16. Good girls

Season 3 , release date – February 16, 2020

The plot focuses on 3 women who find themselves in difficult circumstances. At some point, the girlfriends decide that it is time to choose: either go fight on the street, or have the right to live in normal conditions. And they decide to rob a supermarket with a toy gun. Everyone is afraid to go to jail, but the heroines of the series temporarily overcome this fear.

In the new season, friends will try to establish their own empire and take the criminal world under control. But what will come of it?

17. The Blacklist

The 2nd part of the 7th season as well , release date – March 20, 2020

Former government agent Raymond Reddington was one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. Suddenly, he decides to surrender and announces that he has collected information about the most elusive international criminals and is ready to help the special services catch them. There are only 2 conditions: protection from justice and teamwork with aspiring psychologist and analyst Elizabeth Keane. Why with her and what goals Raymond pursues, will tell the next season of the film.

Share your favorite TV shows and tell them which episodes you are most looking forward to.

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