8 Celebrities Who Changed After Childbirth and Did Not Become Shy About Their Imperfect Body

We are used to impeccable images of celebrities. Judging by the photos on the Internet, their appearance does not spoil neither sleepless nights, nor illness, nor the birth of a child. Because of these ideal images, it is especially difficult for non-star mothers to come to terms with their imperfect body, which most women acquire after childbirth.

Recently, famous mothers began to share honest photos of their bodies after the birth of a child. Happy Worthy Life gathered evidence that the bodies of famous women are changing too, and you have to work hard to restore them to their original shape.

Peta Margatroyd

An Australian dancer showed her body 8 days after giving birth. Peta looked as if she were 5 months pregnant. After 17 days, the two-time winner of the American show “Dancing with the Stars” began to recognize her body, although she still complained about extra folds on her stomach.

Jesse James Decker

The 30-year-old singer gave birth to her third child and posted a photo of her “still swollen” belly on Instagram 3 weeks after giving birth. Jesse James Decker believes that you need to remember what our body went through for 9 months, and be proud of it.

Daphne Oz

American writer, journalist and TV presenter Daphne Oz gave birth to her third child 8 months ago. On her Instagram, she shares tricks that help her regain her former form. Daphne believes that you need to live your life in a new body, and not hide it in a cocoon until it reaches the ideal.

Tia Mowry

Actress Tia Moury gave birth to her second child at almost 40 years old, and it was not so easy to get rid of the postpartum belly. Tia admits that it took her some time after the first birth to adopt a new body. After the birth of her second child, Tia gained patience and learned to love herself imperfect.

Hilaria Baldwin

The wife of the famous actor Alec Baldwin, 34 year old Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to a fourth child. The next morning after giving birth, she laid out a selfie in a hospital mirror in order to further show subscribers how she would return her former slim body.

Ali Fedotovsky Manno

TV star Ali Fedotovsky-Manno also decided to publish an honest postpartum photo. “My body has changed. The skin around the abdomen is very stretched, ”she writes on Instagram. Ali learns to love his new body and hopes that this photo will help the girls who are fighting with their figure.

Chrissy Teigen

Not all celebrities can return to their previous form. Top model Chrissy Teigen, who had an impeccable body, tweeted her real body after childbirth, so that all women understand that stars are also ordinary people. It is not easy for her to put up with stretch marks on her stomach, and because of this, she feels insecure.

Hilary Duff

The American actress and singer, 5 years after the birth of her son, did not regain her former ideal body. She posted a photo on her Instagram to show other women that celebrities have flaws. Hilary Duff encourages all women to be proud of their body, which gives the greatest gift – children.

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