8 Secrets Will Help You Get Fashionable Clothes and Spend a Lot of Money

Annually, in Hong Kong alone, 110 thousand tons of textiles are thrown . Therefore, many are now striving for rational consumption and minimize clothing purchases. Indeed, in order to update outfits, it is not necessary to run to the store and buy up the latest collections. You just need to look at your wardrobe from a different angle.

We know exactly how to look amazing without spending a dime.

Replace Hardware

To make familiar clothes look new, more expensive and attractive, just change the accessories on it. Plastic buttons – on bone, ceramic or metal. Painted yellow zippers in gold – on a zipper made of white metal or hidden. You can search for beautiful vintage buttons at flea markets or old clothes from your grandmother’s chest.

Collect a monochrome image

To look expensive, you do not need to buy new things. Monochrome will help you. The image, assembled in one color, always looks advantageous and stylish. No wonder such kits can often be seen at fashion shows. So that the monochrome ensemble does not look boring, dilute it with accessories or choose fabrics of different textures.

Mix things from different seasons

It’s not necessary to buy seasonal warm or light clothing. Can create new multi-layer sets from existing clothing. For example, a summer dress will fit perfectly into the autumn-winter wardrobe. Wear a turtleneck or sweater underneath. A warm shirt dress can be worn instead of a cardigan.

If it doesn’t work out on your own and it seems that the ideas have run out, invite a friend, mom or sister. Disassemble the wardrobe together and ask to help you create a new look and choose accessories for it.

Accessories are everything

Even the most boring image can dilute accessories. No need to buy all kinds of rings, pendants and bracelets. Combine what you already have. Try wearing a chain instead of a bracelet, wrapping it around your wrist.

Try on the trend for asymmetric earrings. Mix them from different sets. One earring can be large, and the second – a small clove. Weave a shawl into your hair or decorate your hair with a velvet or satin ribbon.

Take care of repainting

Using a fabric dye, give a second chance to worn, faded items with spots and scuffs. For example, turn irrelevant whitened jeans with orange stitching into new plain ones. You can buy pigments in a textile store. They are universal or are divided by type of fabric: wool, cotton, denim, synthetics, etc.

You can repaint not only clothes, but also shoes – with a special spray can.

Give a second life

8 Secrets Will Help You Get Fashionable Clothes and Spend a Lot of Money

Try to reanimate clothes with rust, stains, or scuffs. Besides fabric and acrylic paints, there are several other ways to turn a spoiled thing into a new one.

The easiest way is to buy ready-made stripes at the store or sew an appliqué made of thick lace. The method is more complicated – embroidery with threads, beads or large beads. And holes and spots on a T-shirt can be masked with a patch pocket.

Another way to turn a basic thing into an accent is to use bleach . Fold the t-shirt with a snail, fasten with elastic bands and sprinkle with bleach. Remember to observe safety precautions. Work in a well-ventilated area, use gloves and do not inhale bleach fumes.

Make friends with needle and thread

Alteration of ready-made things is called the fashionable word  Upcycling   . It is not necessary to be a good dressmaker to alter your wardrobe. For starters, you can simply fit the stretched things in shape, replace the broken zippers, turn the dress into a skirt, and a denim jacket into a vest.

Try turning the bodice into a lace top that can be worn under a jacket or a deep-necked sweater, trimmed with a dense plain lace.

Some more tips

  • Go to a second-hand or flea market. There you can buy good basic things, accessories or purchase things for upcycling .
  • Visit a swap party or arrange it with friends. Exchange clothes and accessories that you don’t wear for a long time.
  • Sew through the wardrobe of the husband or young man. From men’s clothing, borrow oversized plain basic shirts, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and even a jacket.
8 Secrets Will Help You Get Fashionable Clothes and Spend a Lot of Money

I knitted this hat from some scarf I bought at a sale. It turned out a good base hat.

  • Pay attention to the grandmother’s chest. Many mothers and grandmothers left things of their youth. Wash, change accessories and zippers. An old dress can be altered into a skirt or decorated with braid and lace.
  • Do not buy super trending items. Better to invest in good basic things, shoes or a bag.
  • Try to make accessories yourself: assemble a bracelet, make a hat from an old sweater or remake mother’s beads.

And what ways to update your wardrobe at no cost do you know?

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