How to grow Positive Attitude – 11 Attitudes Social Imposed on us

Once we were looking forward to coming of age to finally escape from the care of our parents and be guided only by our opinion. But years passed, and instead of mom and dad, the place of strict censors was quietly taken by society with friends advising us to work in promising areas, imaginary beauty standards and the ubiquitous marketers, whispering through the screens what we should buy. However, is it really necessary to listen to this informational noise?

Happy Worthy Life found out which replicated installations were actually false.

1. Eating at home is unfashionable

Crispy waffles and aromatic coffee from the untwisted coffee shop make you look contemptuously at lumpy porridge, boiled in a hurry, or spilled yolk. Although it’s not so fashionable to post food on instagram as we did a few years ago, we feel more status when we have breakfast in a cafe and spend Friday evening in a popular bar. And it doesn’t matter what is the last money left before the salary.

In institutions you can get a non-trivial gastronomic experience, but you should not make a cult out of this with obligatory daily visits. In addition to saving money, you save a figure: according to a study by the University of Illinois, during a meal in a restaurant, we consume 200 more calories.

2. Signs of aging should be masked

If you go to a cosmetic store, you can see long rows of anti-aging products: a cream that promises to tighten your face better than a plastic surgeon, products with hyaluronic acid, etc. From the pages of magazines we are convinced that you need to use anti-aging cosmetics or injections almost with 20 years. Wrinkles are presented as something you cannot live with.

But instead of bearing half the salary to marketers, it’s much more productive to learn how to choose age-appropriate makeup and clothing. Not so long ago, high fashion drew attention to the elderly (collections are being developed for them), as well as modeling agencies that specialize in non-standard models. Therefore, to find appropriate recommendations on the style is not difficult.

3. A woman must look perfect

How to grow Positive Attitude - 11 Attitudes Social Imposed on us
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Such a woman does not have cellulite, and gel polish on her nails. But such a disease as cellulite does not exist. There is lipodystrophy – a pathology of adipose tissue, which requires surgical intervention. “Orange peel” also appears due to the characteristics of subcutaneous fat, consisting of tiny fat droplets, which, due to their different shapes, give an unpleasant relief. In 1998, a study was conducted that compared people who had the effect of the “orange peel” and happy owners of elastic skin. It turned out that they have no deviations in health, and subcutaneous fat is the same.

What we call cellulite is a natural state of the body, which makes no sense to wage war: unlike the size of the waist and skin tone, the “orange peel” returns as soon as we stop doing body wraps or massage. In addition to the fight against cellulite, marketers impose other imaginary standards, such as manicures with gel polish. In fact, with such varnish you can walk no more than 2-3 weeks, otherwise the nail plate will become thinner, and the risk of developing pathogenic bacteria will increase.

4. It is advisable to give preference to the whole craft

The word “craft” is perceived as a quality mark and a guarantee of something unique. Knitting, making dolls, leather bags, or something else is a trend: master classes on any hobby are held even in small towns. Among lovers of needlework (or craft), the largest part (41%) falls on millennials. And this is no coincidence, because one of their main values ​​is self-expression, and the craft not only develops imagination, but also becomes an additional income or expands the circle of communication.

But marketers began to use the term “craft” instead of the “exclusivity” that got its teeth on edge. Therefore, a network of institutions offer us craft burgers, and florists for bouquets of craft paper ask a great price. By the way, in this case the name comes from the manufacturing method – the craft process, but we continue to associate it with something unusual and cool.

5. To be in a trend, you need to watch TV shows

At the time of our youth, soap operas were a hobby for grandmothers or young girls. But when the industry took a step forward and Santa Barbara was replaced by Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Netflix products, watching TV shows was no longer shameful. Moreover, the ability to maintain a conversation about a particular episode is now a good form. If you suddenly do not understand the joke about the white walkers and do not know who they are at all, they may look at you as an alien.

Statistics show that people between the ages of 35 and 44 spend between an hour and two on TV shows and TV shows. The network has a calculator that calculates how much time it will take to watch a particular series: “Game of Thrones” can be beaten in 3 days and 1 hour, and “Very Strange Things” (Stranger Things) – in almost 4 days! Now imagine that at this time it would be possible to chat with friends, to go in nature, to engage in a hobby or other useful business. Spending your days on movies to match your surroundings is not a good idea, but why not relax from time to time watching something interesting and a slice of pizza?

6. Every woman should follow fashion

How to grow Positive Attitude - 11 Attitudes Social Imposed on us
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What to do if nude makeup is in fashion, and you always used fatal red lipstick? Or, from the pages of glossy magazines, they urge you to get rid of leather leggings, and this is one of the key elements of your image? Of course, staying true to your style, and the point is not only that updating the wardrobe every season is expensive.

Even bloggers who talk about trends in life do not always follow them and recommend doing the same. Coco Chanel said that fashion passes, but the style remains. Who should be considered authority, if not her? Some new items can be adopted if they fit into the wardrobe, but it is hardly worth following all the trends.

7. Shame on public transport

How to grow Positive Attitude - 11 Attitudes Social Imposed on us
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From 2015 to 2018, the average family began to spend three times as much on a taxi. In Moscow, from 2014 to 2017, the average check for a trip fell from ₽ 700 to 460. The cost of moving on this transport varies depending on the country: the Egyptian taxi is considered the cheapest, and the Swiss most expensive. Nevertheless, around the world, taxi is gradually ceasing to be an option for the privileged segments of the population.

Therefore, a friend who rides a minibus or walks is perceived as a loser who does not have the money to order a car. But if we assume that a resident of the capital spends about $ 150 per month in a taxi, and reduce the number of trips at least 2 times, you get a good saving. In addition, driver services are not always needed: if you move to locations with an extensive transport network, during daylight hours or you need to go very little, you can do without it.

8. Freelancing is easy: you can do almost nothing and travel the world

Hearing the word “freelancer”, many still represent a person sitting under a palm tree with a cocktail in one hand and a laptop in the other. But not everything is as sunny as it seems at first glance. Moreover, it is not only a matter of high competition and the instability of earnings.

To be successful, you have to try pretty hard: create a clear work schedule and follow it, without being distracted by social networks and other factors, which are more at home than in the office (what kind of palm trees are there). Those who work remotely need much more will to organize themselves, so meeting friends in the middle of the day, a lot of free time and working on the beach is nothing more than a myth.

9. To seem smarter, you need to be a snob or a cynic

How to grow Positive Attitude - 11 Attitudes Social Imposed on us
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We admire the cynical heroes of books and films, and our snob friends seem a little better to us. They are not afraid to express skepticism and criticize everything and everyone – it seems that they know more about life than us. But recent scientific evidence suggests that there is no connection between a brilliant mind and cynicism. Olga Stavrova from Tilburg University and Daniel Elebracht from the University of Cologne found out why cynicism is often associated with the mind.

Cynics are perceived as more intellectually developed, because they assume the worst about man and humanity, which means they are ready for this. That is, from the point of view of the theory of evolution, they are better adapted to adverse conditions. But the analysis proved that people with high IQ adhered to cynical attitudes only if they were justified in a particular situation. A permanent tendency to snobbery and criticism is not an indicator of the mind, but a way of adaptation.

10. It is important to communicate in social networks and share thoughts in group chats

How to grow Positive Attitude - 11 Attitudes Social Imposed on us
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Chat of parents, residents of the microdistrict, graduates of 11 “A”, lovers of the local hockey team and other interest groups – sometimes it seems that there are more such conversations than acquaintances. This is a great way to pass the office weekdays or chat with friends from other cities. Those who almost never unsubscribe from chat or keep pages on social networks through their sleeves are considered strange and seemingly strangers who have fallen from life.

But the lack of activity in chat rooms and social networks does not make a person antisocial. Most likely, he is simply busy or is an introvert who finds it difficult to correspond with a large number of people at once. By the way, there are also disadvantages to chatting: conversations are superficial, the degree of aggression is higher, and much more time is spent than during a one-on-one dialogue.

11. Do not engage in self-development shamefully

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How often does a friend who does not have a hobby bewilderment: what to talk about with him? We strive for our friends to be engaged in self-improvement, trying to realize themselves both in work and in hobbies. But the endless race and attempts to jump above the head make a person unhappy.

So, in developed countries, where the basic needs of people are satisfied, the rates of divorce and suicide are high. This does not mean that you need to abandon a hobby and not try to become better, but doing it through force hardly makes sense. Sometimes you just need to enjoy life.

And what imposed settings would you add to our list?

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