How to Stay Up All Night if You Really Need to Do

1. Avoid rituals associated with sleep

Sleep preparations usually include some sequence of actions: put on pajamas, drink milk, read a book. For ordinary days, this is an advantage: the body immediately understands that now you will go to bed. If you need not to sleep, these habits are best avoided.

2. Do not overeat

A slight hunger will not let you fall asleep, as it is assumed that you must be active in order to get food for yourself.

3. Choose the right clothes

Do not change into pajamas, even if it is very comfortable. Put on something that is impossible to fall asleep, such as new unshorn jeans . Another assistant will be shoes with laces. The shoes will not give you the opportunity to “just lie down for five minutes.” If you, of course, are not used to falling asleep every Friday in boots.

4. Avoid sofas and beds.

If you really want to sleep, you will fall asleep even on a hard chair. A soft bed will not leave you a single chance to hold out until the morning. Therefore, choose not the most comfortable seats.

5. Make the light brighter

Studies have shown that bright light suppresses drowsiness. Turn on the overhead light, sconce, desk lamp. To overdo it in this matter is impossible. True, you should not turn this trick at parties: other visitors to the nightclub may be unhappy with the suddenly turned on lights.

6. Find who is wrong on the Internet

Search Facebook for a person with a dubious position and try to convince him. You can sincerely argue or openly troll, but the effect will be the same: you will not fall asleep from indignation – you cannot sit still.

7. Have a good night’s sleep

Not the most unexpected, but working way. A sleepless night on the eve almost leaves you no chance to stay awake productively. Unless, of course, you flew from the future to save John Connor. Therefore, before a strategically important night, sleep with all your might.

8. Drink coffee or caffeinated drinks

Caffeine Really Suppresses drowsiness. True, there are nuances of drinking coffee, depending on how you want to spend the morning. If you drink it too actively, there is a risk that you will be too cheerful even when it comes time to go to bed. If you drink coffee a little bit, you will easily fall asleep when caffeine leaves the bloodstream.

9. Eat spicy foods

Instead of trying to pinch yourself so as not to fall asleep, outsource this activity. Eat a serving of spicy, burning food. It will irritate the mucous membrane in the mouth enough so that you forget about sleep.

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