Scientists Believe That Our Dogs Really Understand What They are Told

“Ultimately, dogs want to please their owners,” said Gregory Berns, a neurologist at Emory University in Atlanta. Your dog understands you and tries to respond in its own way to make you happy. So, if you are constantly talking with your pet and consider yourself to be his parent rather than the owner, everything is fine with you. And since this is scientifically proven, then do not deny yourself such pleasure.

Happy Worthy Life suspects that you would like to know more about this study. Therefore, here are the main points that will be useful to study for future conversations with furry friends.

Dogs can discern emotions on people’s faces.

Our dogs really understand us during the conversation. Well, not every word individually, of course, but at least some of the words that we use. Moreover, studies have shown that it all depends on our facial expression. Dogs closely monitor how we express emotions through a smile, crying, etc.

A dog can learn to distinguish between a happy and an evil face.

This occurs during the daily interaction of the dog with the person. Our four-legged companions are able to understand how we feel, and therefore they are always ready to support us in a sad moment. The study showed that the dog’s ability to directly understand emotions is related to the amount of interaction with people.

Dogs remember how we look when we are happy, angry and sad.

If you are interested in how they do it at all, then in reality everything is simple. Animals rely on their memory. During the study, dogs showed 15 pairs of images of human faces. Scientists have concluded that dogs probably remember the emotional faces of real people with whom they interacted. This helps them to determine the reaction to a particular emotion.

They tend to see happiness around us!

Another discovery was that it was more difficult for them to distinguish between a sad and an evil face, but then the dogs immediately reacted to happy faces, which they recognized an order of magnitude easier. Our favorites are delighted at the sight of our happiness, now this is an official fact! And there is more and more evidence of this.

Additional research revealed that the purpose of the songs is to please us.

Another study showed that dogs understand and respond to some common words that we use, not only because they are so trained. They feel the pleasure of the owner of a correctly executed team, so they try to make us happy. Dogs really want to please their owners and may also expect to get a treat, says neurologist Gregory Burns.

Do you have a dog at home? Share your cute selfies with her in the comments. We just want to make sure that scientists come to the right conclusions!

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