Maria Sharapova from Childhood Loneliness to Tennis Star

Russian Doll” is the way the world calls Maria Sharapova because she is too beautiful to be a tennis player, but behind that shining face is a heart of steel.

Maria Sharapova , who put women’s tennis in each house. Masha is the shadow of a generation of tennis viewers. In the early years of coming to light, many people didn’t understand why a picturesque face chose tennis.

Many people jokingly said Sharapova worried about the world treating her as a tennis player, not a professional tennis player, so she tried to practice screaming. The sound of Sharapova’s blows when performing blows reached 105 decibels – the same level of sound generated from a hand-held drill.

Maria Sharapova from childhood loneliness to tennis star
The legendary scream of Sharapova is the memory of tennis lovers.

Lonely childhood

The world has spent so much time looking at Sharapova but forgetting to look deeper into her life. The dazzling appearance, the title filled the room, the money shone more than most female colleagues makes Masha gives the majority of fans in the world the feeling she is a lady with everything in the world.

However, the truth is not so beautiful. Right from the age of 7, Sharapova had to leave her mother. At that time, it was hard for Masha’s father, Mr. Yuri Sharapov, to bring his daughter to America to study tennis. Sharapova’s mother, Yelena, could not accompany her father and son. Sharapova and his father arrived in the US with a total assets of 700 USD in cash and no English words in their heads.

To allow her daughter to study tennis, Mr. Yuri accepted to work as a first-class tennis professional. He left home early in the morning and returned when it was dark. For a very long time, Sharapova had to live alone: ​​No parents, friends, the usual toys of an older girl.

Lonely life stifled Sharapova. “I am extremely lonely,” Sharapova said. Because she is not good at English, Masha is subjected to a lot of pressure and scorn. Her life was surrounded by loneliness, the pressure to rise, to suffer disdain, to try not to disappoint her father. It must be rare for Yuri to come home early one day to have dinner with her daughter.

With a cold head and hot heart, Maria Sharapova endured it all, overcoming the pressure to gradually assert herself. Her shrill screams seemed to contain both toddler memories living in foreign lands. Remembering those days, Masha sometimes wondered what courage and power she surpassed.

Maria Sharapova from childhood loneliness to tennis star
The lovely Sharapova girl from the past

15 months of challenging yourself

A lonely and hidden childhood challenged Masha, but the challenge of life did not stop there. In 2016, Sharapova’s life suffered a severe earthquake when she was banned from playing for up to 15 months because of her positive for banned substances (meldonium). After the World Anti-Doping Association sentenced her, the press made every effort to record Sharapova’s reaction and tried to find out how she would face this nightmare.

But many newspapers have left empty handed. Masha has no specific signs the press can exploit. It was only recently that, through the story of Dr. Jerome Bianchi, the mysterious days – the moment Masha faced and fought 15 months of sitting down – were revealed.

Bianchi said Masha took the initiative to see him. She did not let go of any whining or depressing attitude, but started right at her request: “I don’t want to end this career. I want to be another Sharapova. We need to do something. “

So Masha started her days of fighting, not only to maintain her stamina, she even wanted to become stronger than before. Masha started practicing boxing, cycling, swimming and athlete Ariana Kukors.

“I even found Sharapova starting to run on her own. I can be sure, she has never done this before. Masha doesn’t like to do anything alone after having spent her childhood almost alone day after day, ”Mr. Bianchi said.

Goodbye “Russian doll”.

The important thing is that Masha does things that are new to her in an extremely positive mental state. “She did not do it for revenge. Since accepting the sentence, Masha separates herself from tennis. She laughs more, or makes fun of others. She enjoyed many dishes. Masha has truly lived her life. ”

Not many athletes in the world can face life challenges in a positive spirit like Sharapova. It does not prove she is innocent but on the contrary, it is evidence that Sharapova is a steel doll. A person with an extremely strong fighting spirit can do strange things to him with a feeling of enjoyment, not spite.

The fact that we saw Maria Sharapova back couldn’t get stronger after the sentence was finished. She won her first WTA title in two years, returned to the top 25 in the world and reached the French semi-finals. Although unable to return to the position of leading the world of female tennis, but Sharapova is still one of the inspiration for the next generation of young athletes.

Behind the fragile appearance of a tennis queen is a stronger, more brave Sharapova than we think.

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