16 Picture of Ordinary Things You Have Never Seen It Before

Even familiar things that we see every day can appear before us like different way. What can we say about things that are not entirely trivial. Not everyone has seen a million dollars or all the bills of the world on one couch. But the heroes of our collection can boast of this.

We love to look at ordinary things from an unexpected perspective and discover new face. 18 items in our selection are familiar to everyone in one way or another, but definitely not in this form.

“This is a photo of my grandmother with $ 1 million. She worked for the federal savings bank. 

This is what a braille Bible looks like

Our wedding bands are laser engraved with each other’s fingerprint

“My friend has red toilet paper.”

“I have banknotes from all over the world.”

The outline of my jeans in a dusty piece of cardboard I sat on

16 Picture of Ordinary Things You Have Never Seen It Before

This is what baby flamingo look like

Ice crystals forming on a bubble as it freezes

Firefighter statue entirely made of Lego

“This transparent butterfly sat on me when I traveled through the Amazon in Ecuador.”

This is what the tip of a pencil looks like when sharpened by an electric pencil sharpener

This dishwasher projects a timer onto the floor.

A $100 stack of new/uncirculated one dollar bills next to a $100 stack of used/circulated one dollar bills

Bonus: “This is what a ghost attack looks like”

Have you ever seen ordinary things in an unusual light?

What do you think?

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