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20+ Unusual Pictures With Phenomena That You Don’t See Every Day

It’s not easy to surprise a person with the Internet: we have access to Wikipedia, documentaries, and even Instagram accounts of wildlife photographers and travelers. But this does not prevent Twitter and Reddit users from finding amazing things around them and sharing pictures of all this on the network.

We are sure that these unusual pictures with phenomena will prove to you how much new things the world around us can still present.

“The most smiling turtle you will ever see.”

“My cat loves to sit in this strange position.”

“This just in: Newfoundland changes name to “Newlostland” following winter apocalypse.”

“The desert was covered with snow, and then the snow was covered with sand.”

Lucky to see snowflakes.

And this snowflakes can be photographed with a smartphone.

The sand in Okinawa, Japan contains thousands of tiny “stars”. These “grains of sand” are actually exoskeletons of marine protozoa, which lived on the ocean floor 550 million years ago.

Have you seen how the snake sheds?

Skeleton flower whose petals become transparent when it gets wet in the rain.

Fireflies in the night forest

I was happy when I was able to take this rainbow

A unique photo, in addition to the crescent moon you can see the whole moon

It turns out that owls sleep in a rather unusual position.

Double rainbow and lightning in one shot

Today I found the exact amount of coffee I had to drink to balance this cup over the edge of the table

Cute crocodile

This is wonderful

20+ Unusual Pictures With Phenomena That You Don't See Every Day

Sea urchin found in the mouth of another fish

It was fantastic to see the Milky Way from the middle of Mt. Fuji …

A recent picture I shot, using a backyard solar telescope, reveals the twisted detail of the Sun’s magnetic field.

I think I found the entrance to the spider-verse.

The Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn all framed in a Christmas Tree cloud. An image made of 2000 images

What is the most unusual pictures with phenomena you have seen in your life?

What do you think?

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