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23 Incredible Photos by Daredevils Who Risked Their Lives for Glory

These are not stuntmen and not photoshop, but ordinary people who are ready to risk their lives for the sake of likes on Instagram.

We made a selection of 29 of the most extreme Instagrammers for you, whose photos take the breath away even from people with iron nerves.

Angela Nikolau

23 Incredible Photos by Daredevils Who Risked Their Lives for Glory

No comment … One question: how ?! How do people even have the spirit to do this?

Vika Odintcova

23 Incredible Photos by Daredevils Who Risked Their Lives for Glory

Russian model Vika Odintsova surprised her 4 million Instagram following video of her hanging from a skyscraper in Dubai.

Oleg Cricket

In his deadly antics, Oleg often uses hoverboards, bicycles and similar things. The average person will need to show mastery of balance and balance just to ride them.

Harry Gallagher

Just 19-year-old Harry Gallagher (Harry Gallagher) with one hand holds on to the ledge in the wall of the second tallest skyscraper in London One Canada Square – 244 meters above the ground.

The fearlessness and balance of this daredevil can only be envied.

James Kingston

Another conqueror of skyscrapers, construction cranes and all other megatall structures.

The main thing is not to look down …

Jack Morris

Well-known Instagram traveler Jack Morris also sometimes risks his life for a beautiful shot.

Sometimes not alone, but a beautiful blonde who accompanies him on his travels.

Thiago Correa

Thiago Correa, popular on Instagram, chooses the most dangerous (mostly high) points on earth for a photo. For example, one of the highest cliffs in the world, Pedra da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro, 842 meters above sea level.

Or the Trolltunga Stone Bulge in Norway (Norwegian. Trolltunga), towering over Lake Ringedalsvatn at an altitude of 700 meters.

Vitaly Raskalov

One of the most famous roofers in Russia. He climbed the skyscraper “Moscow City” and the star of the main building of Moscow State University.

Vitaly travels a lot around the world – China, America … But from such angles you will hardly recognize the landscapes familiar to you, even if you have been to New York or Hong Kong more than once.

Daniel Lau

Another lover of heights. Daniel Lau lives in Hong Kong and regularly updates his collection of extreme photos with fresh shots from the highest points of this vibrant city.

The guy spends his weekends in the company of the same madmen as himself. Who will you lead with …

Pavel Ushivets

Alexander Remnev

This Instagrammer should consider a superhero career. He is clearly not afraid of heights.

In addition to extreme ones, Alexander’s instagram still has a lot of cool photos from different parts of the planet.

Do not try to reproduce what you saw

By the way, about the planet: there are still many places in the world that, like a magnet, attract adrenaline addicts who are ready to do anything for the sake of a deadly beautiful picture.

Kjeragbolten, or the most dangerous stone in Norway and in the world. The block is sandwiched between two rocks above an abyss at an altitude of 1084 meters.

The highest point in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is the Christ the Redeemer Statue at the top of Mount Corcovado. About 2 million tourists visit it annually, some for the sake of such photos …

Australia’s Wedding Cake Rock is in demand by intrepid Instagrammers despite warnings from scientists that it could collapse at any moment. The crowds of tourists, as you know, only contribute to this.

Also a good place for adrenaline photos – Yosemite National Park, or rather Taft Point. The height above sea level of 2,287 meters deserves at least the same number of likes on Instagram.

Giant cliff 604 meters high Preikestolen (Norwegian Preikestolen).

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