13 Evidence that Talented People are Alike, and Sometimes too much

In 2019, applications and sites became very popular, which in a couple of seconds found a celebrity similar to a person with a photo. Some chose very similar options, while others could easily turn the hamster into Robert Downey Jr.

We at Happy Worthy Life found Russian and foreign stars whose comparison does not require the help of artificial intelligence. These people are so similar to each other that at the first meeting they could easily be confused. Yes, and the second too.

Polina Gagarina – Katy Perry

Polina Gagarina - Katy Perry
©   © Adam Bettcher / Stringer / Getty Images  

Oksana Akinshina – Yvonne Strahovski

Oksana Akinshina - Yvonne Strahovski
© East News   © East News  

Nyusha – Nina Dobrev

Nyusha - Nina Dobrev
© East News   © East Nesw  

Ian Zapnik – Jeremy Renner

Ian Zapnik - Jeremy Renner
© East News   © East News  

Alexandra Bortich – Emily de Ravin

Alexandra Bortich - Emily de Ravin
©   ©  

Danila Yakushev – Ryan Gosling

Danila Yakushev - Ryan Gosling
©   © East News  

Anna Mikhailovskaya – Leighton Mister

Anna Mikhailovskaya - Leighton Mister
©   © East News  

Gennady Khazanov – Robert De Niro

Gennady Khazanov - Robert De Niro
© East News   © East News  

Irina Toneva – Cameron Diaz

Irina Toneva - Cameron Diaz
©   © East News  

Konstantin Kryukov – Justin Timberlake

Konstantin Kryukov - Justin Timberlake
© East News   © East News  

Alena Sviridova – Tony Collette

Alena Sviridova - Tony Collette
© East News   © East News  

Egor Beroev – Antonio Banderas

Egor Beroev - Antonio Banderas
©   © East News  

Oksana Pushkina – Joan Rowling

Oksana Pushkina - Joan Rowling
© East News   © East News  

Which coincidence surprised you the most?

Preview Photo Credit Bettcher / Stringer / Getty Images

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