20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes

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Reality shows attract with a vivid picture, unusual storylines and emotional heroes. We put off all our affairs in order to hear from the blue screens the correct answer to an intellectual question or to find out who will get the same treasured rose. But sometimes when watching the next episode of a television show, the main question arises in my head: “Is it really all this?”

Happy Worthy Life decided to clarify what really happens on the set of popular television shows when the cameras are turned off.

1. “House-2”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Дом-2 / ТНТ  
  • There are no scriptwriters who write remarks to the heroes, but there are editors – they can set situations and dictate the characters the necessary emotions on the camera.
  • Participants of “House-2” receive a monthly salary. The average amount is about 150 thousand rubles. But the money is not issued immediately. According to the contract, 101 days on the project, young people are free of charge. Those who survived receive compensation – 90 thousand rubles. Further, the amount increases depending on the time of stay.
  • But this money is easy to lose, since the project has a large system of fines for violations. For example, you cannot pronounce company names aloud, discuss alcohol or politics.
  • The editors of the show do not expel a highly rated participant from the project, even if all the “household” members vote against him. If this happens, the leaders will leave the hero on some pretext.
  • The creators of “House-2” have access to the social networks of their heroes and can publish any advertising posts there. Participants receive 50% of the total amount for publication.

2. “Survive at all costs”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Man vs. Wild / Discovery  
  • One issue is removed about 6 days.
  • Grylls doesn’t always do everything himself. Sometimes a stuntman works instead. For example, in one of the issues, the raft, which supposedly made a master in a few hours, was built by a specialist in survival in the wild.
  • Grylls does not sleep in branch tents or caves. The whole crew lives in hotels.
  • The crew members are physically much harder than the presenter, since they carry heavy equipment on themselves. And sometimes it’s the operator who becomes a pioneer in extreme conditions, because he needs to take a shot where Bear, for example, descends from a cliff.
  • Bear really eats larvae and plants, sometimes even the film crew has to use such exotic. But behind the scenes the whole team is waiting for a full hot meal.

3. “Let’s get married”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Let’s get married / Channel One
  • The characters send their story to the editors in advance, and on the show they repeat its exaggerated version. During the filming, the presenters are already familiar with the elements of the biography of the bride or groom and pronounce prepared jokes.
  • Each participant has her own editor in the bride’s room, who tells her how to behave properly on the camera and sets discussion topics so that there are no pauses on the air.
  • Ordinary people will not be invited to the shooting. For the show, you need participants who can tell some dramatic or shocking story from their lives.
  • After filming, the participants leave and no longer see each other.

4. The Podium

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Project Runway / Bravo  
  • Participants do not have access to the Internet and a mobile phone. So, for example, when the world stirred up the news of the death of Michael Jackson, it was decided not to talk about it to the designers so that they would not be upset.
  • The pasture ceremony and communication of the jury with the participants takes about 6-8 hours.
  • Heroes work in a frantic rhythm and often sleep for 3-4 hours. The winner of the 10th season of the American version of the “Podium” project Dmitry Sholokhov during the filming period even lost 8 kg.
  • The fabric store, where participants make purchases, is closed to strangers.

5. “Boys”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Boys / Friday
  • The editors of the show themselves offer girls alcohol while recording profiles.
  • Passengers were taken away from the participants during the filming. And one of the girls who refused to give it was secretly pulled out of a bag.
  • The “Boy” was specially provoked to fights and expressive actions, arguing that otherwise they would be kicked out of the project.

6. “Who wants to become a millionaire?”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Who wants to be a millionaire? / First channel
  • Participants of the show “Who wants to become a millionaire?” Should bring 3-5 clothing images to the shooting of the program, and on the spot they are advised which option will look better in the frame.
  • It is forbidden to wear things exclusively black, white or red, as well as clothing with logos or inscriptions.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed into the studio due to psychological stress.
  • If the facilitator asks a question to which the participant can immediately give an answer, then you still need to withstand at least a 20-second pause. This is done so that viewers can also think and choose their option.
  • The help message “Hall help” is not real. In fact, when a participant chooses it, the audience in the hall pretends to click on the remote control. The percentage of response options prepared in advance.
  • During the filming of the program, there is no dramatic music and constant intriguing questions like “Are you sure?” That we see in the program. They are added already during installation.

7. “Hellish cuisine”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Infernal cuisine / Friday
  • After the participant is kicked out of Hell’s Kitchen, he must undergo a mental health test. This is done to make sure that a person can continue to live normally.
  • For the shooting period, phones are taken away from all participants, and the heroes themselves are forbidden to leave the territory of the shooting pavilion. Living in such a stress is very difficult, so there is always a psychologist on the site.
  • During filming, cooks are even forbidden to go to the toilet, you have to endure.
  • Visitors to the restaurant “Hell’s Kitchen” – the usual extras.

8. “Make a comedian laugh”

20+ Secrets Of Popular TV Shows That They Prefer To Leave Behind The Scenes
© Laugh laugh comedian / Russia-1
  • At the time of delivery of the prize, the presenters give the hero fake money.
  • About 30% of the tax is still subtracted from the winnings.
  • All casting participants sign a contract according to which the creators of the project can use humorous material for their own purposes.

9. The “Bachelor”
  • During the castings, the creators of the show try to find girls with touching life stories, then to focus on this.
  • Some of the participants are invited specifically for high ratings. Usually these are well-known bloggers or girls who have become popular due to their participation in other television projects.
  • At the first drive, a bachelor should leave girls of different types, even if he does not like them (for example, a single mother, an unemployed and a careerist). This is done in order to expand the audience of viewers.
  • There is no clear script in the TV show, but editors can tell girls how to behave or act better. But the ideal romantic date is the work of the scriptwriters, not the bachelor himself.

Which TV show would you like to take part in and why?

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