Group of People Created Club Against Diets to Promote Acceptance of all Sizes

It is possible that every human being, worried because he has a few extra pounds, has decided to start a diet. And this is not bad. However, when it comes to beauty and being fit, there are times when people get obsessed, getting carried away to the extreme. Some believe that everything is everyone’s fault, while others believe that it is for society, as publicly let this club’s people know that, actively and peacefully, they fight against diets.

Happy Worthy Life decided to read more about this movement of people who are not in favor of diets to tell you more about it. At the end of the article you will find a bonus as to why diets do not work, according to this club.

A group of people decided to raise their voice against diets

Anti Diet Riot Club, or Anti-Diet Manifestations Club in Spanish, was born in 2017 in London, United Kingdom. Since its foundation, it helps people with bodily problems and eating disorders to move forward through educational workshops. For those involved in this club, the main goal is to make everyone understand that, no matter how your body is, it is fine and should be accepted as it is. Without stopping, members of this group also fight against body discrimination and “dietary cultures.”

The damage of diets on everyone

The workshops held in this club seek to educate people regarding the effects that diets have on the mental and physical well-being of each person. In addition, they teach about intuitive eating and how to free yourself from those negative thoughts of being “fat”, learning to accept your body as it is. Performing everything in a dynamic way is one of the ways to teach in this movement, all through intimate discussions, markets, yoga classes, debates and sessions of “loving belly” and “painted breasts.”

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The ideals of society about diets are wrong

In other words, the idea of this club is to promote how dangerous ideals are about the perfect body and any other body standard. According to his page, the empowerment of the idea that everyone has to love as is is not only achieved through social networks, but through the power of knowing that this is so. The culture of diets not only physically damages people, it also affects them mentally and emotionally by establishing that misconception that you are not good enough or well seen until you lose weight.

Bonus: why say no to diets, according to this club

In one of the segments of the club’s website they explain why diets do not work:

  • There is very little evidence that diets have long-term benefits;
  • they generate obsessive and not healthy behaviors with regard to food and exercise, really ignoring the body’s needs;
  • society’s standards for weight loss are wrong because someone’s weight is not synonymous with their health; in reality, it is almost always more related to genetics, environment and lifestyle;
  • It is important to leave behind that empty concern about beauty and begin to be better in terms of happiness, relationships and qualities, because having a few extra pounds does not define your value as a human being.

What do you think of this club that is against diets? What is your position regarding dieting? Get rid of us in the comments.

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