10 Huge Animals in the World You Never Seen

Did you know that the longest horns are in the Texas longhorn from Alabama named Poncho Via? They reach almost 324 cm, and this, for a second, is 2 times the width of the concert grand piano. In our article, you will find photos of amazing creatures who were lucky enough to grow to such gigantic proportions that these representatives of the fauna were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. And in the bonus you will find a surprise.

We at Happy Worthy Life have glanced through the Internet to the most remote corners of the Earth to introduce you to record animals. We are sure you have not seen such yet.

Apollo, a hybrid of a tiger and a lion weighing 320 kg, and Hercules – the largest member of the cat family

A hybrid of a tiger and a lion, a league named Apollo, weighing 320 kg, was bred at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina. Another 80 kg, and Apollo would have reached the mass of an extinct saber-toothed tiger – 400 kg. Ligers first appeared in the 19th century in India, and at the moment there are no more than 1,000 individuals.

By the way, the uncle Apollo Hercules, who lives there, weighs more than 418 kg. He is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest representative of the cat family in the world.

11 Huge Animals That Are Breathtaking In Sight

Jellyfish – python 7.67 m long and weighing 158.8 kg

Jellyfish - python 7.67 m long and weighing 158.8 kg

The largest python lives in an unusual amusement park Full Moon Productions. In order to raise the champion in his arms, you will need 15 people. By the way, Medusa bears the title of not only the longest snake of the living, but also the longest ever in captivity.

Freddy is a Great Danish dog that weighs 92 kg

Pet Claire Stoneman, nicknamed Freddy, weighs like a plump adult man. And if Freddy gets up on his hind legs, then his height will be 2.28 m. The owners spend about $ 16 thousand a year on maintaining a “good boy”. how, according to Claire herself, she will not be able to stop the pet if it explodes with all its might. Despite all the inconveniences, the dog is a full member of the family.

Ulrik – 13.6 kg Norwegian Forest Cat

Ulrik - 13.6 kg Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat is 2 times larger than the standard representatives of its breed. The cat has reached such huge sizes for a trivial reason: he just really likes to eat delicious food. (As we understand you, Ulric!) The owner of the pet, Ian Mitchell from the UK, is trying hard to get Ulric to lose weight, so we wish them both good luck.

Billy – a goldfish weighing 2.5 kg

Billy - a goldfish weighing 2.5 kg

Ralph is the officially registered largest rabbit in the world. His mother Amy also once wore such a title. Ralph’s weight is 22.6 kg and length is 90 cm. In addition to genetics, his mistress Pauline Grant from Great Britain helps the rabbit to maintain a record weight without harm to her health: she developed a diet specifically for Ralph that helps maintain good pet health.

Gary – 51 kg Capybara

Gary - 51 kg Capybara

Gary‘s largest home rodent is in Texas. The living conditions at the capybara (collect a guinea pig) are truly champion – their own bed and an above ground pool. When the owners of Gary bought a rodent from a simple breeder from Arkansas, they did not think that they would soon become owners of such a unique animal.

Big Jake – a horse who grew to 211 cm

Big Jake - a horse who grew to 211 cm

Big Jake – the champion from the Guinness Book of Records – has reached a huge size: 210.19 cm in height. He is taller than not only an ordinary person, but his predecessor Remington from Texas by as much as 6.9 cm. Jake’s owner, farmer Jerry Gilbert (USA), is proud of his record holder, although in order to break the Sampson record from Bedfordshire (1846), the tallest horse in the world ever, Jake is 8 cm short.

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