15+ Photos Proving Cats are Good Boys Too

The reputation of the bad guys in the animal kingdom has been established for cats, because they are considered unfriendly, cold, and even evil. But some recent studies prove that in fact they like communicating with owners even more than eating. Some cats stay with you when you are sick or sad, while others even take care of the baby in your absence.


The editorial board of Happy WorthyLife considers that cats do not deserve such a bad PR. Therefore, we found photographs showing the beauty of these furry creatures.

1. “She was taken to the veterinarian, and her older brother sat with her like this all day when she returned”

2. “My cat holds my hand and sits like this all the time while I’m sad.”

3. “The nurses allowed Henry to see Nona at Christmas, and he spent the whole day in her lap.”

4. Someone needs to play doctor with a child


5. “Kodiak was scared of the fireworks that the neighbors launched. So Dr. Pepper, the cat, came and lay down beside him. “

6. “I think our adoptive cat has just found her home”

7. “An office cat in a local veterinary clinic welcomes every visitor to relax and feel comfortable”


8. Newspaper reading buddy

9. “Lilly had surgery today. Everything went well, and now she’s recovering at home with Mittens, her feline therapist. ”

15+ Photos Proving Cats are Good Boys Too
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10. “Since my son was born, the cat considers it his duty to protect him”

11. “A cat on my granny’s farm looks after the hens”


13. “At that time, my grandmother fell, and my cat Colin looked after her until an ambulance arrived”

13. “Our son and cat every day”


14. When cats help you get a good night’s sleep

15. Help with bath procedures

16. These 2 cats adopted the bearded lizard as a native

17. “My grandmother was recently discharged from the hospital, and now she uses walkers. My cat is her lazy bodyguard. ”

18. “They said at the shelter that Odin does not like to hug and cannot bear children. Here is One the day after we took him home. ”

19. “Grandma broke her hip. Her cat Vincent visits her every day and falls asleep in her arms! ”

Are you a cat lover? What is the most touching thing your cat or cat did?

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