15 Special Photos Show The Relationship Between Humans and Animals

Although outwardly we are not particularly similar, but between us and animals is not such a big difference . We all experience emotions, are capable of communication, and from time to time we even understand each other. We  become attached to our pets as they do to us. Science does not know how strong this connection is. But we believe that those who love animals understand what is at stake.


Happy Worthy Life collected 15 heart-warming photos of people and animals that prove that this connection is truly special.

1. “Taught Chloe to get on the wheelchair of my wheelchair. Now all she wants to do is kiss me all the time. ”

2. “Our cat accurately calculated the moment of“ his “appearance in a fairy tale when I read to my daughter”

3. Sunny loves her human Luna

4. “I can’t have children, so my dogs are my children”


5. My fiancé befriended an overly photogenic 9 day old baby goat.

6. “Every day she wishes me a good morning, bringing my clothes”

7. “My boyfriend never had a pet. It was love at first sight. “


8. “I received it as a gift for my 12th birthday. I’m 26 now and I’m celebrating her 15th birthday! ”

9. “We traveled to 22 states, traveled all over the country, lived together in my car, until we finally found our home. He is my best friend”

10. “Found this guy under his car this morning. For 10 minutes he fed him carrots and broccoli with his hands. ”

11. “About a year ago, I shared photos of the kittens that I found under my house. Here is the latest news! ”


12. “The bird fell asleep in my girlfriend’s hair”

13. 17 days after my mom passed from ovarian cancer, her old Irish Wolfhound followed in tow to be with her. I didn’t know where to put this, but I wanted the world to see them. I miss them both so much. Dogs


14. “My girlfriend has homemade squirrels.”

15. I told her that she could share my shirt for a little while until she was warmed up. She spent the next hour curled up inside my shirt sleeping, warm and dry.

Do your pets also give you love? Share photos of your sweeties with us.

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